XXX: Law School - What’s It Really Like?

LSAT Preparation:

Hindsight on LSAT preparation makes it very clear that it is in no way related to law school. And here I was thinking that the logic games would get me through law school...

But, because I had no idea that the two were barely related, I prepared for it like any other stressed out pre-law student would -- I hit the books! I spent days in the public library reading through every LSAT prep book that I could find. I checked them out. I took notes. I tried my best to talk about it out loud in order to make myself understand what I was reading. But, let's be real, the material on the LSAT is not material that you can pick up and just learn. So, I looked for outside help and found that there are LSAT preparation courses. I made that my graduation gift from my lovely grandmother, and I was on my way!

The prep course was by Testmasters and I found out that they are as amazing as they say they are. The course was created by Robin Singh, an LSAT guru who holds the world record for scoring a perfect score on the LSAT 12 times! They walked us through each section of the LSAT over a three month period that led up to the date of the LSAT. We spent our weekends doing practice LSATs so that we could get a feel for how the LSAT would go, and then we spent our weekdays going over what we didn't understand during our practice LSATs of the past weekend. 

Overall, I felt as though the course seriously helped me to improve my LSAT score. My score from when I started the course to when the course concluded had increased by 15 points which, to me, was enough to make me seriously believe in the program. 


So fast-forward to me being in law school. All I can really remember about my first year of law school is the torture that was Torts. For some reason the topic just failed to stick, so I definitely did not do my best in that course. The Socratic method of teaching reared its very ugly head all throughout my Torts class which left me scarred for life. 

The Socratic Method of teaching is definitely a given during your first year of law school. It is a sort of cold call where you are stuck answering a ton of questions about the topics of the night's reading, so you'd better go to each class prepared or you will be embarrassed in front of your peers. 

Another unpleasant class that introduced what would become the new style of teaching for the duration of my law school stay was Civil Procedure. Now, I did not have a complete aversion to this class, but my classmates still complain about it to this day so I think that it is safe to say that it sucked. What sucked most about it was the fact that, unlike my Torts professor who used the Socratic method to get through classes, my Civil Procedure professor seemed to have a style of teaching and talking that was not as confident and kind of all over the place. This made it seem as though he had no idea what was going on the whole time and made him seem less credible, but I still liked him because he tried. I didn't learn much during that class but I appreciated his efforts!

Your first year will include classes like:

A. Torts
B.  Criminal Law I
C. Global Lawyering Skills I
D. Legal Profession
E. Civil Procedure


My second year of law school was only memorable because I took Global Lawyering Skills II. This is the class where you write a brief and give an oral argument based on a case that you're given early in the year.

Throughout the year we conduct research and give mini oral arguments during class to prepare us for the final oral argument which is given in front of three judges and your opponent. This was the second year's biggest challenge for me. 

They say that during the first year, you're scared to death and during the second year, you're worked to death, and that is true! My second year of law school was more difficult because we weren't coddled as much as we were the first year. During the first year, we were our professors babies and they were just giving us tough love. But, during our second year, we had all grown up and were off to college so we were on our own. But, keep in mind, the professors are still available for office hours and they encourage you to show up for them! But, they cut you zero slack and really start to prepare you to be an associate during your second year of law school.

Your second year will include classes like:

A. Property
B. Constitutional Law
C. Statutes & Regulations
D. Global Lawyering Skills II
E. Contracts
F. Electives to fulfill simulation and practicum requirement


Third year seems like a blur because you are burned out and ready to be done with law school already. For me, third year was filled with electives and a lot of work. 

I started each semester of my third year totally ready to be one step closer to being done with law school, but by around the second week, I'd lost the steam and I was ready to be lazy again. 

The biggest struggle of third year, for me, was staying motivated. It was hard to continue to go to  class after a long day of work. It was difficult to deal with the fact that you're burned out now, but you still have one more year to go. 

So my best advice for you during your third year is to work hard but also find your escape and visit it often. It will keep you sane.

Your third year will include classes like:

A. Evidence
B. Business Associations/Criminal Procedure/Community Property
C. Professional Responsibility
D. Remedies
E. And, you guessed it, Electives!


I have only finished one class into my fourth year of law school (yes, evening students get four years of joy), but, so far I am just taking classes that I am interested in. 

Your fourth year will pretty much be shaped by your legal interests. This is the year that you get to either do a semester in practice, do an externship, or just take electives the whole time. You fourth year is essentially yours!



I cannot end this post without mentioning how great of a ride law school has been. I've bonded with the professors and administrators who have opened my eyes to my capabilities and to the amazing things that come for those pursuing law. And, I've had quite a bit of fun while doing it. 

I know that a lot of people are completely turned off to the idea of law school because of what they've seen on the television or in the movies, but the experience is really your own. You just have to get there.

Good luck to those of you studying for the July Bar. Congratulations to those who have been accepted to a law school and happy studying to those of you preparing for the LSAT!

XXIX: Black Men, Why'd You Make Me Do It?

So, I went to the movies, as I usually do. I decided to go see the Solo Movie on a Tuesday night, which is the discount night. Again, this is normal for me... What wasn't normal was what happened when I got there:

When I bought the tickets there were empty seats next to where we were going to sit, but I figured that they would fill up by the time that the movie started because 1) it was a new movie and 2) it was discount movie day (i.e. the day that the tweens buy one ticket and then sneak into other theaters as if we don't have pre-selected seating). I got a little excited at the fact that there was an uneven number of seats left next to my seats, so I figured that at least one would be empty since normally I see people going to the movies in twos. 

So I get there, sit down, recline my seat and begin to get comfortable and then... 

The theater goes dark, the movie is about to start when I see two guys walking across the room and to the stairs that lead up to the upper level seats where I am seated. In my mind, I say, "NOPE, not this seat, don't let this happen to me". There is one seat in-between me and the stranger next to me by the start of the movie. It was to the left of me, and I liked it that way, BUT I am perfectly fine with strangers filling in the seats when they don't go out of their way to come into the theater looking like a killer. 

There is a younger African American male with black gloves that expose his fingers past his knuckles, who is wearing black shorts and socks that come to the middle of his calf muscle and are decorated with white marijuana leaves. He sounds normal so far, right?

WAIT, that's not the first thing that I noticed about him. It started with the fact that he walked into the theater with a mask covering the lower half of his face. This mask was purple, black, white and pointless. He had on a black t-shirt which was on top of his purple hoodie (you know, to tie color scheme together). His hood was, of course, on top of his head and he smelled like marijuana and whatever his mother was cooking that night, and I had to smell that throughout the entire movie (but that's not the point). 

Add to that the fact that he was separated from his friend, so he felt the need to text him to, oh I don't know make sure everything was alright throughout the movie, and he kept a peculiar guard over the weird shaped figure in his right pocket. Which turned out to be gummy candies, but COME ON BRO! 

Black men, I am so sorry that you have to deal with profiling based on your build and skin tone; and being fetishized by other races based on stereotypes about dating you and being with you. I'm sorry that you are being stopped more often. I'm sorry that you are so judged. I'm sorry that you are so heavily punished, and I blame you only for what you are at fault for.

Young Man At The Movie Theater (a name), I challenge you to be more conscious of who and what you are.  I know rappers make it look so appealing to wear your hair a certain way, or add masks, gloves and empty holsters to already ugly outfits. But, think it through, and please be better. 

Realize the climate that we live in. I am on Team Black until I die, and I hate any time that I have to go against the Black Man. But, that does not  mean that I won't. 

So, Black Man, I love you, but on this front, do better. 

XXVIII: How Did I Miss This?

Two shows that everyone talks about, and that I have completely ignored are now two of my new favorites:

1. The Office

the office .jpg

How did I let this gem slip right past me? This show makes me laugh effortlessly, every episode. There are no words for how much I love this type of comedy and this type of story-telling. To say that I am now obsessed would an understatement. I literally listen to this show all day in the background while I'm working, and then I come home and watch it while I'm working out or falling asleep. 


Although I got the feeling that the character development was, at times, too focused on Pam & Jim, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable show. My favorite character came late in the show and it was the character played by Ed Helm, Andy. 

There's something about Andy that I cannot get over. Maybe as a lover of all things "musical", I just can't get enough of him and his need to sing. Maybe it's his dapper way of dressing (it could be this because Orange and Yellow are my favorite colors and he wears them all of the time). Or maybe it's the fact that he is absolutely insane. Whatever it is, he is my favorite!


Back to Pam & Jim, it's not that I don't think that their love was adorable, because, of course it was! It was tiring but adorable. What woman doesn't want a guy to look at her the way Jim looked at Pam? What man doesn't want a woman to blindly support every endeavor just based on he fact that it was something that he was doing? Pam & Jim represent the love that every woman and every man deserve. Although, if I'm stuck loving at all, I want more of a Dwight & Angela story, as crazy as that sounds.


Dwight, like me, has a weird way of showing how he feels. Throughout this show Dwight and Angela were on-again off-again and definitely took each other for granted. This is something we all do in our everyday lives. Dwight & Angela were the more realistic couple in this show and I lived for their union!

If you can even get past how hilarious Dwight Schrute is and spark an understanding for him as a character, then you will get to see how truly amazing his character was. I wondered, a lot of the time, whether or not Rainn Wilson wrote his own lines for Dwight because how could it be possible for someone to play Dwight and not be connected? That may just be excellent acting, I have no clue, but Dwight's character was amazing from start to finish! 

I can't move on without mentioning the fact that the fire drill episode/the safety episode is my all-time favorite episode of this show. I cried laughing at this episode, and I literally watch it all of the time. This is comedic genius.  

The office, hands down, has stolen every piece of my heart. As a creative, I am always so shocked when someone creates something this big and this amazing! 

For The People.jpg

2. For The People

So, like many others, I got excited when the promotion for this show came on, but after the first episode, I just couldn't get into it. Big ups to Vaneska, however, for getting me to give this show a second chance! As a law student, I like to watch shows centered around law to see how realistic they are. This is one of the shows that comes pretty darn close especially when they are giving their closing arguments in the courtroom.

I love that it provides a very good perspective of both a prosecutor and a public defender. Many people believe the surface level things about both prosecutors and public defenders without knowing anything else. They base their whole arguments on the nothing that they know about what it means to do these jobs, so I love that this show walks you through how each side feels. They walk through how they feel before a case, and after a case. It also shows how law literally becomes your life when you choose this field.

I think that, if there were a contest to see which "law show" came closest to real life, then this one would win. Also, whoever is writing these closing arguments is killing the game completely. It inspires me. 

Kate Littlejohn.jpg

I do have a favorite character on this show as well and it is Kate Littlejohn. Kate Littlejohn is literally me minus her dating choices. She is well-dressed, takes no nonsense, and she is all about her job. She is driven by success and although her character has not fully been developed yet, she is still interesting.  

We see her going to work early and leaving late. We see her neurotic tendencies while in the office. And we see her setting people straight, laying down the law and being good at it. I aspire.

One final thing that draws me to this character is the fact that she is honest. In today's world, no one is honest (not even with themselves). So, when I am honest about how I feel about a situation, or about what's going on in a situation, people get mad like they'd prefer to be lied to! This is a different breed from what I know because I refuse to lie and I DO NOT like being lied to. 

However, the fact that they made a character like Kate Littlejohn means that I'm not the only one that believes in being 123% honest at all times. It means that there's hope that I will meet people in the future that tell the truth just as I do, and I'm excited for this. 

So, again, how I've missed these shows for this long is beyond me! But, I am SO glad that I've caught onto them and now I can watch them over and over!

XXVII: What Are You Reading?

Living in California, we carry the stereotype that summers are all sand & beaches, love & friendship, and bar-b-ques & beers. And while all of this is true, it's also summer school & books, work & working late, and weekends filled with sleep and lounging. This summer, I am fully prepared to lounge!

Although I am taking two summer classes and preparing to take the MPRE, I am making it a point to visit beaches, take weekend trips and most importantly to R E A D. To hold myself fully accountable, I am making my summer reading list completely available to my readers. I will list 8 books that have been sitting in the "Want to Read" section of my GoodReads account for far too long, and I and diving into them. Here they are (feel free to add me on GoodReads): 

The Hate You Give - Angie Thomas.jpg

The Hate You Give

Angie Thomas

Harry Potter.jpg

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K. Rowling

The Fire Next Time.jpg

The Fire Next Time

James Baldwin



Sherri Rifkin

We Were Eight Years.jpg

We Were Eight Years In Power: An American Tragedy

Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Book Thief.jpg

The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters

Priya Parker

Peter Pan.jpg

Peter Pan

J.K. Barrie

Happy Reading!

XXVI: Women Empowerment - Are You Helping Us Or Hurting Us?

I am, by no means, a feminist. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the equality of the sexes and  women's rights, but I have not hit the streets for the cause, nor have I engaged in any heated social media rants about social injustices faced by women, BUT, I do believe in doing my part, as a woman, to uplift other women. 

Many people have no clue how difficult it is just being a woman. There are so many things that women face on a daily basis that (some of us) mask, or work through just so that we can secure a seat at the table that was probably made for men and by men.


For many of us, emotions are difficult. We work to control them. We work to conceal them. And, unfortunately, we open ourselves up and allow others to indulge in them (or do with them what they please). 

I am a woman who conceals a lot of the things that I feel. I keep my feelings as basic as hunger (yes, it's a feeling to me) and anger. Anything beyond these things, are debilitating to me and therefore are a threat to me all due to the fact that I was once very open with my feelings. I was open to friends, family, and past loves, but I've been shown time and time again that that was a mistake. I am of the belief that if you show me a pattern, I’ll believe in it. So instead of being open with my feelings over and over, I closed them off almost completely.

Other women deal with emotions in more healthy ways.  This means, however, that they are bogged down by the emotions that they cannot change, and sometimes cannot control. They work through this to be the strong mothers for their growing children, or to be everything to their friends and families, but this means that they put their feelings on the back burner until the breaking point shows its ugly little head. 

So, as women, are we helping each other or hurting each other by being petty, catty or callous when we could simply use that energy to check in? We could use that energy to make sure that that person is not struggling with their own personal demons and emotions. And, if we're sincere about it, that person may even open up to us. That person may find a safe space in us. And that may blossom into the best and most unexpected friendship. 


Law school is competitive. Everyone knows this, but even with it's competitive nature, it is our job to still uplift those in the trenches with us. 

I see how the competitiveness inherent in law school ruins people's perception of others and keeps us from making the connections that (1) may be helpful in the future, and (2) could blossom into beautiful friendships. But, I am all about taking a step back and remembering that we are all humans with feelings and we are all dealing with life in varying degrees and fashions. So, instead of first deciding to be catty, rude, or judgmental with our peers, we should give them a chance. Trust me, humans are only humans, so they will definitely give you a reason not to trust them somewhere down the road. But, until that's happened, try not to judge others based on your own personal insecurities, inadequacies, or inabilities. 

Take the catty and competitive out of things and be empowered by the fact that you're standing triumphant next to another woman who is also standing triumphant. "We all made it to this point, so let's celebrate that", should be the mindset at all times. 


Although I want no parts of it, a lot of people seem to. And although I find myself doing this too, it is important for us to remove ourselves from other people's situations just so we have a talking point and just be there as a friend and a listening ear. If we are not able to listen to a friend's relationship problems or feelings without taking it to judgmental levels, then (1) we don't need to be that person's friend and (2) we have to check ourselves. 

Love is hard. Relationships are hard. And sometimes you just need a listening ear that actually cares. As women, we should have a better understanding of the effects that a relationship can have on us. We should have an understanding of the attachments and connections that, once formed, are hard to let go of. And, we should have an understanding of a love lost. These things are hard to work through, trust me. So, if you're called on to be a listening ear, or a friend, then try to be that full-time. Don't take off the "friend hat" just to try on the "gossip hat." I promise you, the former is a million times more worth it.


Women - we are a force. We are necessary. We are amazing. But, let's face it, we need each other. 

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.
— Michelle Obama

XXV: Do You Have A Must-Listen Spring Mix?

I am a person who cannot go a day without music. I usually have music playing while I shower, I have music blaring on my short commute to work, I oftentimes listen to music while working, and I definitely keep my noise-cancelling Beats headphones on anytime that I am on campus or at the gym.

So, this week, I am posting my Spring "Must Listen Music List": 

1. Drake - Nice For What 

Drake knows just what we need and exactly when we need it. He always give us a song for the sunny days that'll last us through summer, but this one will be hot the whole year.  

Drake has outdone himself with the song, and especially with the video. Check it out!


2. Brett Young - Sleep Without You

Let me just start by saying that I obsess over Brett Young's voice. The versatility, the range, and the ability! His voice is to die for. 

Add that beautiful face and smile of his and you'll be just as obsessed as I am!

I'm also very excited to see him in concert along with Thomas Rhett later this year!


3. Thomas Rhett - Marry Me

This is definitely a radio hit. I cannot get into my car on any given day without hearing this song playing.

It's not your usual summer love song, in fact, it is the exact opposite! Maybe that's why I like it so much. 


4. Brett Eldredge - The Long Way

This song...

I am someone who is very interested in the story behind a person before being interested in seeing myself with that person. Faithful readers know that I am so much more about the connection than the title. If you listen to the lyrics of this song, then you know exactly how I feel.

This song is all about a man trying to make/create an authentic connection with a woman. He wants to know what make her tick, he wants to know what made her into the woman she's become. 

I just LOVE this song. Please listen to it! 


5. Hailee Steinfeld & Bloodpop - Capital Letters

The entire Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack was amazing, but a couple of songs stood out to me, and this was one of them.

I definitely recommend downloading this whole soundtrack on whatever platform you use to get music and just listen to it. I bet you a quarter that you'll love it too.


6. James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

This man is simply amazing. If you haven't heard any of his other songs, you need to stop what you're doing and go listen right now. 

Start with his newest album Back from the Edge (2016) and then work your way through his catalog. You will not be disappointed. 


7. Jimmie Allen - Best Shot

An adorable summer love song. Give it a listen because I'm sure you'll hear it during wedding season for the country music lovers. 




8. Rayana Jay - 2:30

Now, I do not only love this song because it's by my sister Rayana, I really play this song all the time.  It's soothing and has just the right amount of bass (anyone that knows me knows that I love my bass). 


I could keep my list going forever, but I'd love to hear from the readers. I am looking for new music, different genres, and beautiful soundtracks to listen to!

Side note: I know it is shocking to those of you that know me to not see Beyonce on this list, but unless you want almost every song she's made since '4' on this list, we'd better not even go down that road. 

XXIV: All About Energy?



1. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Energy, something we could all use more of and something we could benefit from lessons in. I, for one, could benefit from lessons on the energy that I put out into the world and from lessons on how I receive the energy that others put out into the world.

I took a short trip this weekend and, leading up to the trip, I was surrounded by nothing but bad and negative energy. I was angered by it and saddened by it. I let that ruin my outlook on how the remainder of my trip would go and I let it ruin my outlook on myself, as I often do. I wondered why the people in my life act the way that they do towards me when I do everything in my power to be there for them whenever they need. These are things that I often internalize, but I am just now realizing the dark cloud that tucking these things away can place over my day-to-day actions and feelings. 

Although I cannot be conscious about this energy and the negativity for others, I can control my reaction to it. People tell me over and over to just accept the fact that the world is not full of helpful people, or honest people, or good friends, or loving family members. It's just not. People aren't being raised with those values anymore, so it is time to shift my expectations to reduce my disappointments. But really, it's just time for me to change the ways that I receive their negative energy. 

Now, regarding the energy that I put out into the world: I love to eat and I love to laugh. If I can do those two things, then I am as happy as can be. In-between those things, I am working or at school/stressing about school. This means that I am not walking around smiling and joking, but this does not mean that I am not happy. 

Because this is such a confusing area for some to understand, I have step back and consider whether or not I am putting out negative energy by having others question my happiness when I am not waltzing around with a smile plastered on my face. 

At this point, I feel as though it is important that I do not put out the same energy that I receive from many others in the hopes that it will influence or inspire one other person to do the same. To start a trend of caring for others, being there for others, and actual good vibes would be epic at this point. So, let's consider this an energy check and a call for action!

XXIII: So, You Had Your First Trial Experience?

This past weekend, I got to experience, first hand, what it will be like to prepare a full trial and then to argue it. 

Now, at my job, I currently get the experience of preparing for trials, watching depositions, writing briefs, responding to all types of correspondence and so much more. The thing that I don't get to do, however, is argue a case in front of a judge. In fact, my job makes it seem near impossible to argue the case even after all of the preparation because you just never know what will come out of the client's mouth and you never know what tricks opposing counsel has up his/her sleeve (also, some clients struggle immensely with telling the full truth.)  But, I'm going to walk you through my experience:

The preparation

Preparing for this trial was difficult because we were literally preparing for the unknown. Throughout the semester, we were walked through the various parts of trials during a lecture and then we were given an additional class to demonstrate what we had learned. Each demo-class gave me about as much anxiety as the actual trial did. I have never experienced the physical symptoms of anxiety and fear that I experienced on the days leading up to this trial.

Also, my partner/co-counsel and I are both very shy students with insane stage fright. We do not like talking in front of people! So, to have that anxiety weighing heavily on us on top of being afraid of looking unprepared, let's just say that we had a very unstable couple of weeks leading up to the trial. Luckily for us, we understand each other and although I'm sure I got on his nerves, I am beyond proud of my co-counsel!

We both prepared the ways that we knew how and brought it all together prior to the big day. 

The trial

By the morning of the trial, I had already accepted the fact that I was going to have to go through with the trial. There was no backing out (I would never do that to my co-counsel), there was no changing my arguments, it was showtime. 

Now, it's true what they say, dress for the role you want. But, instead of the traditional women-in-a-suit while entering the courtroom, I went for a more modern day take on it. I wore a pure white dress that had beautiful yellow, orange and green sunflowers at the bottom with a tuxedo blazer from the Tracee Ellis Ross Collection and black and white Nine West heels. The three male attorneys, of course, wore suits ranging from blue to black. 

I think the worst seconds, minutes, and hours of the trial were the ones immediately before we retired to the judges chambers to argue our pre-trial motions. The unknown. The unexpected. The unwanted.

Once we got past the motions, we were introduced to the jury and then began our voir dire. I'll fast forward through all of the specifics and say that: opening statements came after the jury selection, we (prosecution) then gave our case-in-chief and then defense gave theirs, there were closing arguments and then the jury retired to deliberate. However, due to unfortunate events of the day, the jury was not able to deliberate long enough to reach a verdict, but the judge did offer us feedback. 

Overall, the trial experience was not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it could get confusing or bogged down with what seem like outlandish arguments, but you become very invested because it is still your job to put on your case. Although you are arguing for fake or imaginative clients, you still want justice for them. In reading the facts over and over, you begin to picture the parties involved, the scenes that will be discussed, and you want to win because you've now seen these things. It was definitely a great experience. 

The celebration

There's nothing like celebrating being done with something that you and your fellow classmates found difficult or uncomfortable. 

Entering the world of law introduces you to some very interesting people that you (maybe) wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to meet before. We all enter one way and then slowly become these law-obsessed weirdos with dark senses of humor, so just imagine what our celebration looks like!

We literally sat at a bar at 4 p.m. and talked about law for hours and it was FUN! After that, we'd decided that we would go home, shower and change to go out once again. By that point I was quickly reminded that we're all old weird nerds and staying up past 8 p.m. is hard. I didn't even make it out because, by about 8:30 p.m., I was knocked out on the couch.

So, I guess law students celebrate big things by getting the rest that they missed out on leading up to the big day(s)!

Overall, the experience was invaluable. 

XXII: What Are Your Top Five Classroom Pet Peeves?

As a law student who experiences irritation on a regular basis, I thought it'd be fun to list a couple of classroom annoyances. I spend a good chunk of my life (for now) in a classroom or at work, so why not complain about it?

Number 1: The loud chewer

Beyonce cheweing.gif

You know, the person that basically waits until class starts to eat...

I cannot lie, this is usually me, but I try to step outside to eat when I know it'll be loud. 

Either way, nobody wants to hear the chewage especially if you aren't sharing, so pass the peas or wait until after class. 


Number 2: The loud typer


There's always one person in the class that types as though they've just discovered the cure to cancer. 

Now, if you did, then that's amazing! But since I know that you did not, I'd like for you to learn to introduce your fingers to the keys of the keyboard on your laptop in a more polite manner.


Number 3: the person that can't keep the facts, the facts

I get it, we all want to be the most creative law students. But, when the professor gives us a set of facts and you change them just so that you can know the answer, you only confuse everyone else.

So, stop it.


Number 4: the know-it-all


You know what? In law school, I actually enjoy this person. 

For many law school classes, the professors teach using the Socratic method which means that they'll lob a question or a hypothetical to you randomly and you'd better have the answer. But, when the know-it-alls are enthusiatic about answering, the professor won't tell them 'no!' They'll let them answer which saves me from being called on.

Thank you, know-it-alls. Y'all are the real MVPs. 

Number 5: The Outside-the-boxer

Kevin Hart.gif

These are the people that get a normal hypothetical and take it to unknown, unimaginable lengths. 

Their thinking seems so twisted that you forget what class you're in! I love these people in everyday conversations, but, in a classroom (where I am usually already confused) you just add to the confusion.

Save that creativity for later, my friend. 

XXI: Need a Hobby? So Do I.

Spring Break is officially over for the students of McGeorge School of Law. This means that, all of the fun that I had doing random things (and nothing), is over. But, I've decided that, in order to keep my sanity and peace of mind, I will pick up a hobby that keeps a smile on my face.  

Although my days are filled with all of the things that I should be doing, I long for a vice or a hobby most days. I've been trying to pick up new and different interests just to keep things spicy, but so far, I haven't found that one thing that adds a little zest to my life. As of right now I regularly workout, am a ballet dancer, and I work. 

What Am I looking for?

I am a visual perceiver first and foremost. I love to see things and that's how I connect with them. As someone who has had a difficult history and diagnoses surrounding their eyes and eyesight, I try not to take for granted the things that I see. Hence the photography obsession. 

So, in a hobby/vice, I am looking for something to "wow" me. I am looking for something so beautiful that I can't look away. And this doesn't have to be a picture or a sunset on a beach, it can be a show, a concert, or even a musical. Just something different. 

Another thing that I wouldn't mind adding to my list of regulars is something regarding food. I eat the same things over and over (and honestly I don't have a problem with it), but it would be great to be excited about new tastes, new flavors and beautiful plating. 

Why Now? 

Why am I looking for a hobby during the busiest part of the semester and of work? Because I am at the point in my law school career where I am no longer excited to spend days or even hours in the library. My attention span is now almost completely non-existent when it comes to sitting down and actually studying. And, as far as work is concerned, the piles are not going anywhere. No matter how hard I try, it is just not enough. 

So, it's my belief that a hobby would help to keep me motivated when the Self-Check doesn't fully reset me. 

So, What'll It Be?

That's the thing, I have no clue!

I think I will start by buying tickets to a couple of shows, and from there I will just be sure that I've attended, at least, one show per month. That should keep things spicy for now. 

Here are some of the tickets that I currently have:

Carmina Burana.jpg


Carmina Burana (Sacramento Ballet)



Giants vs. River Cats (Exhibition Game)

Finding Neverland (musical).jpg


Finding Neverland (Musical)

An American In Paris.jpg


An American In Paris (Broadway)



On The Run II Tour