My vacation to Mexico was probably one of the best vacays that I have ever taken.

It was during this trip that I met some of the most amazing and influential women ever! We still travel together and keep in touch with each other as often as possible while still allowing ourselves to lead the lives that we were leading prior to meeting.

But, anyways, let’s get into some pictures from this vacation! 🏝


I booked through Costco Travel which was amazing throughout the whole process.

It was literally so easy to book that I did it while at work. I went onto Costco Travel, decided the days that I would go, and booked the trip within about 15 minutes.

Yes, this was an impulse buy, and No, I do not regret it!


After two flights, we finally touched down in Mexico!

Costco Travel provided for transfers in the package so we simply waited for our bus which took us to the resort.

We were greeted at the resort with champagne, a cold eucalyptus towel, and delicious humidity.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

This was the exquisite all-inclusive resort with food and drinks galore, and beautiful views!

While there, we enjoyed:

Morning Yoga

Virgin Piña Coladas

The Rec Center/Gym

Water Volleyball

Water Aerobics

The Sun

Multiple Infinity Pools

Tranquil Waters


Good Vibes!



I have no clue what you could be waiting for to book your trip, but, summer is near, so book away!

Vacay is calling. 🏝

XLIV: Travel Essentials, What Are Mine?

Given that I recently traveled and somehow managed to leave all of my shirts at home, I figure it's time for a Travel Essentials post! I know, you're probably thinking, 'well if you couldn't even remember to pack shirts for a trip to your favorite place, then how could you possibly know what is essential for travel?' 

Good question! 

Answer: I have no idea, but here are my essentials:



I suppose I'll make the first essential shirts since I didn't have any while in Washington D.C. during the Labor Day holiday.

Thankfully, I traveled with someone who wanted to absolutely spoil me for my birthday weekend! He took care of all of my clothing woes while we were away. 

Now that we’ve established that I need shirts, let’s talk about what type of shirts I wanted for the holiday weekend. Lately, I have been big on the long, dress-type shirts that are flowy and loose-fitting. Either that or a simple t-shirt dress!

Shoes: Vans - Old Skool (Blk/Blk)

Purse: Charming Charlie


 My “comfy shoes” are literally just Vans.

I’ve been an avid Vans-wearer for approximately 19 years (Geez, that’s a lot of time). I remember back in middle school when Chuck Taylors were in, but my feet were too wide, so I ventured over to the Vans store and fell in love!

Unlucky for me, however, the “Vans” song by The Pack became a big thing and my Vans store experience has been a crowded one ever since. This was an excellent thing for Vans, but an annoying one for me.

Ah Well! I still buy them!

Shoes: Vans


I like to work out wherever I go.

A big part of that has to do with the fact that I like to see what each gym has to offer. And, another part of that has to do with the fact that I'm already in the routine of working out regularly. So, I cannot travel without at least one pair of running shoes, always Nikes (even if I don’t get a workout in).


Now, the chances of me actually putting on make-up when I go on a trip are slim to none, but let it be the case that I travel somewhere and don’t bring my make-up bag, I'd have a fit! I would definitely freak out as if I were actually going to wear make-up each day of my vacation (knowing that I won't). 

But, since I’m crazy about actually bringing my make up, here’s what I always seem to pack: 

Primers & Setting Products: 

  • Smashbox Primer Stick (click here for a list of my favs)

  • Smashbox Priming Water

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

  • Sacha Banana Powder


Eyeshadows & Liners:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes (Modern Renaissance, Prism Palette, Subculture, Soft Glam, Norvina)

  • Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack & Baby Girl Stack

  • Fenty Beauty Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

 Blushes, Highlighters, & Contouring:

  • During the summer months, I like a reddish blush, so I use Mac Cosmetic’s Raizin Blush

  • I haven’t found a highligher that I can’t live without just yet, so, if you know of one, tell a friend!


I cannot travel without snacks for the plane! For some reason, the pretzels and soft drink just don’t hit the spot the way that the flight attendants want them to. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a full meal on a 4/5 hour flight, so I don’t expect the airline to change a thing, but I do snack quite often. Because of this, I know better than to travel without an arsenal of snacks in my carryon bag.

My Kindle/A Book:

We all know that traveling without entertainment has the potential to be some of the worst experiences of your life, so I usually bring my Kindle to catch up on blogs, books, and homework.


On trips that I know I am going to shop until I drop, I always bring a carryon sized luggage and check it with the airport so that I don’t have to carry it around. This way, I am free to shop without worrying about going over weight with my bigger checked luggage (especially since I tend to overpack). I sometimes even put my extra travel sized items in this luggage, this makes it easier to bring a ton of lotions, soaps, bath bombs and different camera lenses.


This is my newest travel essential. There’s something about seeing the city with the wind blowing in your hair! Each morning we woke up and hopped on our long boards to either ride to the monuments or to ride to Union Station for food and it just turned out to be a quicker way to see more of the city and to add a bit more adventure to our adventure!

Sunglasses: Quay Australia    Shirt : Old Navy   Bottoms : Nike   Shoes : Nike   Longboard “Deuce” : Sector from Zumiez

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Shirt: Old Navy

Bottoms: Nike

Shoes: Nike

Longboard “Deuce”: Sector from Zumiez

Welp, those are some of my essentials for travel, what are yours?

XLIII: Washington D.C. - Can We Eat A Little?

One of my absolute favorite places in the world (so far), is Washington D.C. I love this place so much so that I make it a point to go there each year (time and money permitting). 

On this year's wonderful trip, I decided to invite my mom, who never travels, and my sister, who always travels. My main goal was to eat as much food as I could and to celebrate my 27th birthday. This was the perfect plan because everyone on the trip knew that I literally only went there to eat and see the city (two very easy things to do in D.C.).

So, when we finally got there, my first stop was:

Bojangles | Famous chicken n' Biscuits

This was our first stop, mainly because I was hyping this place up for about a month before we actually got to D.C. and secondly because of it's close proximity to our hotel. We were staying in the heart of Capitol Hill (literally a 5 minute walk to the Capitol) which was conveniently placed by Union Station. Union Station is a beautiful metro station filled with food (BOJANGLES!) and stores for shopping. 


We ordered about $40.00 worth of food which came in a huge box (with a sweet tea). You literally cannot go wrong with either spicy chicken wings, or spicy chicken strips from Bojangles! Add a side of their perfectly seasoned fries, and red beans and rice and you've got a satisfying food coma. 

If you can't resist something sweet, then I highly recommend that you get one of their BoBiscuits (even though I missed out on this gem) or one of their delicious pies. 

Something else that we missed out on was requesting that they throw some Mumbo Sauce in with our order. My friend mentioned, over and over, that we find Mumbo Sauce while we were in Washington D.C. (the home of Mumbo Sauce), but it just kept slipping our minds due to all of the other excitement around us. 


The next morning, we all got up, got dressed and asked for food recommendations! One place that everyone at our hotel (Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill - horrible service and you'll always get overcharged) couldn't stop raving about was Art & Soul. 

Luckily for us, this restaurant was located right across the street and all we had to do was take one hot and humid stroll over. 

Art and Soul


This was basically a fancy twist on soul food. Now, normally, anytime someone attempts to "fancify" soul food, it's disgusting and offensive, but, Art & Soul was a pleasant surprise that I did not see coming. 

The ambiance inside of this restaurant was everything that you imagine for a swanky, upscale, D.C., socialite-type of restaurant. It had a clear and open floor plan, low hanging lights, a chic color scheme, and it was well furnished.

We were seated at a high table near the bar (so my friend could watch sports, I mean, enjoy being in my presence), and one thing that stuck out to me was the fact that there was a huge, beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirror with silver sparkly trim to our right. In the reflection was nothing but us four and the beautiful restaurant behind us. It was a beautiful sight to eat brunch to...


Now let’s get to the food. 


I ordered cheesy grits with ham and bacon. This was a perfectly savory breakfast that was surely to stick to the arteries!

My friend got delicious lemon pancakes with mixed berries cooked into them. Now, the lemon flavored pancakes were good enough alone but with the mixed berries... it was simply amazing! If I get the chance to go back to Art & Soul, that will be my next meal. 

Shake Shack.jpeg

Shake Shack

Next up, well after a nail shop, a farmers market and a very pleasant visit to Loc Luv, we went looking for a quick bite. What better place to grab a quick bite than Shake Shack?!

If you have ever been to the East Coast and haven't tried Shake Shack then you're totally missing out. It would have to be the best burger and fries combo that you can get. I ate it a total of 2 times in about 3 total days while in the food hub (Washington D.C.), so trust me when I say that this food is good. 

RPM Italian


This was probably the best meal I've ever had.

No, I am not over-exaggerating! If you've ever been to Washington D.C. and had RPM Italian, then you'll agree, it's some of the best food you've eaten. Even a dish as simple as spaghetti is delicious! 

This location is definitely a more upscale one, but they are still willing to serve you as you are. Trust me, I rolled up to this restaurant on my long board with my friend, dying from the humidity of D.C. and they were perfectly fine with treating us as if we were dressed in our finest. 

RPM Italian.jpg

The atmosphere was absolutely marvelous. We saw everything from: casual long-boarders on a mission for good food and a romantic evening to couples celebrating anniversaries, to co-workers in desperate need of a drink after work. 

I more than enjoyed myself throughout this whole dinner. I enjoyed the company that I kept and I especially enjoyed the food. RPM provided me with a dining experience that I will, surely, never forget.

Here's what we ordered:

Truffled Garlic Bread circa 1963

Spaghetti & Meatball

Sautéed Broccolini


The Seafood Pasta Special


And, for dessert, we had:

Vanilla Gelato

Delicious Beignets

Together forever  - Tati | Terry | Brianna J. 

Together forever - Tati | Terry | Brianna J. 

*Stock Images Used Throughout This Post*

XVIII: Seattle!

As promised, Let's Be Breef has chosen travel locations for the year and now, we are checking them off of the list. This week, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting a friend during a beautiful stay in Downtown Seattle!

I will admit that it is difficult to capture moments and locations while also trying to live in each moment, but I did my best! Here are a couple of photographs of my visit to Seattle. 



Flying into Seattle is absolutely stunning!

Although I essentially left behind the sunshine and cool breeze of California for the clouds and frigid cold of Seattle, the sunrises and sunsets that you get make all of the cold worth it. 

Thank you, Southwest for flawless travels even in light of a couple of delays. They worked overtime to make sure that everyone made it to where they were supposed to be within good time. 

The Westin - Seattle (28th Floor) 

The Westin - Seattle (28th Floor) 


Seattle is such a food hub!

But, there would be no food without amazing chefs. 


The Crumpet Shop

1503 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

As someone who literally collects Starbucks cups from every city, state, and country that she visits, there was no way that I would come to Seattle and  not  go to the first Starbucks ever!  This Starbucks is located centrally within the Pike Place Market and is surrounded by plenty of delicious bread stands, ethnic cuisines, and cheese! Lots of cheese! 

As someone who literally collects Starbucks cups from every city, state, and country that she visits, there was no way that I would come to Seattle and not go to the first Starbucks ever!

This Starbucks is located centrally within the Pike Place Market and is surrounded by plenty of delicious bread stands, ethnic cuisines, and cheese! Lots of cheese! 


Seattle, the city of love.

I have never seen so many people excited to buy bouquets of flowers for loved ones. Everywhere you turn and every market that you enter has a wide assortment of fresh flowers! 

This is unique, for me, because I do not see many people that do little things to make others happy here in Sacramento.

When I do things for others, they either end up confused as to why someone is so nice and thoughtful, or filled with guilt enough to make them want to buy me something in return.

Can we bring back thoughtfulness, or should I just pack up my belongings and head to Downtown Seattle now? 

My Seattle Playlist on iTunes. 

My Seattle Playlist on iTunes. 

Tati | Alexis | Bree   From Cabo to Downtown Seattle! Traveling brings many together and, for this union, I am forever grateful!   @Yoga_Warrior_Goddess 

Tati | Alexis | Bree

From Cabo to Downtown Seattle! Traveling brings many together and, for this union, I am forever grateful! 


So long, for now, Seattle. I will definitely be returning.

So long, for now, Seattle. I will definitely be returning.

XIII: What’s A Day-Cay Like In The Bay?

This weekend Bree & Anete decided to spend a total of 12 hours in the Bay Area. Here's what resulted:

We started our weekend with a hockey game! Now, ice skating is a love of mine, but never have I actually been interested in hockey (odd because I prefer hockey skates over figure skates, but I digress). After watching my classmate play, I am absolutely certain that this will not be the last time I watch a hockey game. Great job NorCal Ice Raiders & excellent job, Simon!

IMG_6286 2.jpg
Norcal Ice Raiders.jpg
Thank you so much, Simon. You are beyond amazing! 

Thank you so much, Simon. You are beyond amazing! 


San Francisco, Ca.

Union Sqaure

Museum of Ice Cream

Bota - Tapas and Paella Bar

Next stop: The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco! Now, people have been ranting and raving about this place and for good reason. The location is perfect, parking was not the nightmare that I thought it would be, and there was ample food and shopping nearby. 


Clouds & Cherries.



Neapolitan Near the Ice Cream Vault.

(Check out the beautiful gold utensils in the background)


Lollipops & Gummy Bears, Anyone?


Orange Dreamsicle.

I just wanted to bring it home.


Sister, Sister!


Ever Lay In A Pool of Sprinkles With Your Bestie? 


Saying Our Goodbyes to the Ice Cream Museum. 

DSC_0399 2.JPG

Next Stop... 


IMG_6416 2.jpg

final Stop while in S.f.:

Bota, Tapas & Paella Bar

We had an excellent time while in San Francisco. I hope you all had an excellent weekend as well!