XXXVII: Have You No Shame?

Before I start this rant, I want it to be crystal clear why it’s happening. This is happening because I am sick and tired of seeing people smile to my face only to talk behind my back; I’m tired of people telling me how much they appreciate my honest nature and then crying about it when it’s a truth that they don’t like; and, I’m so tired of seeing you guys whose lives I’ve seen in person, live completely different lives on social media. So I guess this is for all of you insecure jealous types that have nothing better to do with your time other than TRY to tear other people down. I can assure you that if your life already sucks enough for you to be acting this way, then there are plenty of other things that should be occupying your time right now, no? 

Now, Lets Start Here:

I know who I am. 

It took me years to become comfortable with the fact that I'd rather tell the truth at all times, than lie and sugarcoat; I'd rather have my own style than follow what I see on television; and I'd rather 'be' as opposed to talking about being. 

A lot of people are still lacking in these lessons, and this results in them projecting their own insecurities about their many shortfalls onto those of us who know who we are. Now, for some reason, people nearest me have gotten me confused, lately, with someone who is willing to put up with their side-eyes because they settled (well, were settled for), and their snark comments because they'd rather lie and gossip about everyone and everything than just live happy freaking lives.

My advice to you guys is to learn yourselves... Cherish yourselves... Love yourselves... THEN, you won't spend your time trying to tear other people down. You won't spend your time giving your altered side of the story to your 'friends' who are too afraid to tell you the realities of your situation but instead just sit and nod in agreement with your bad decisions and lies. You all need help, you're all toxic and you should stay far away from me until you get the help that you so desperately need. 

Lets Follow That Up With: 

I know my worth. 

I watch a lot of you insecure types settle for way less than what you (possibly) deserve. You clearly don't know your worth! You're okay with being lied to time after time, you're okay with being the liar! You lack morals. You lack values. You lack substance and yet you want to squint your eyes in my direction as if you could honestly step to me on the same level. You simply cannot.

You want #relationshipgoals and #friendgoals with people that treat you like you're disposable. You're selling the perfect picture to all who will buy. News flash, I'm not! I get it when a situation breaks you down and you want a friend or a lover to change, so you put up with a little bit more than you should while that person, "does better for you". We all know that they will not change. You're not worth the change to them and that's why they did this to you in the first place! The quicker you can get that through your head, the better. Also, the sooner you'll realize that there are so many people in this world that you should NEVER settle for the one who cannot figure out how to treat you right the first time. 

I've been there and I know that taking care of me is much more important than that little piece of my brain that says that 'I don't want to be alone'. I'm sorry that you all listen to that little voice and choose to settle for the trash covered in flowers that you do, but that's not the case over here. I know what I want. I know what I deserve. And, I don't settle -- not with friends, not with lovers, and not with your side eyes. So, save those, and use that energy to learn your worth so that you can elevate your circle and quit lying about "#FriendGoals" that nobody should ever actually strive for. 


And, Let’s Finish With: 

I am not taking your crap. At all! 

Don't let the professional fool you. I’m definitely not taking any crap from people who don’t demand respect from everyone in their circle, who don’t respect themselves, and who don’t even know who they are, so if you fit into any of these categories, whether you admit it to yourself or not, stay out of my way.

I do not have the time, at this age, for toxic and enabling people like the above-mentioned. Y'all literally drain my energy. I'm mellow as it is, but you guys take me (the cynic) down. If that happens, then you should know that you're wrong!

Just know that I've been very nice for a long time, and I've let people disrespect me in an attempt to keep the peace and remain professional, but trust and believe, there are ways for me to demand respect and remain an adult about it. I'm definitely not keeping quiet anymore, so beware. 

Now, I feel sorry for every boy and girl that fits into the categories listed above but that empathy wanes when y'all start disrespecting people that have done nothing to you but are openly loving on and forgiving those who have done you wrong. 

Have some shame. Learn to value yourselves, and maybe your life will become the light that you already pretend it is.

In short, do better... to each other and to yourself.