My hope is that this becomes a place of insight, questions & answers, and experiences that you can relate to. 

This site and blog was created with those in mind who struggle with insecurities about their current places in life; those who live in a constant state of "status is everything" with no status, and those who just need something to believe in. I, myself, am one of those people living in every category listed, so why keep all of these experiences to myself in such social times? This is my ultimate leap at using my own form of creative breadth in ways that will provide an outlet while also providing the opportunity to reach and change many.

In all, this site is my chance to expand, spread my wings, and hope to fly. I am determined to be a force for change, and this is my journey towards that change and influence. 


Know Me...


Brianna J. -The Student

Brianna J. -The Sister