The Worker

Change is good, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

I recently found myself at a place of extreme comfort in my former position of employment. I was okay with going to work each day to do something that I was not passionate about, and I was okay with staying in that position out of complete loyalty to my boss (literally the best boss I’ve ever been blessed with).

But, when change is forced upon you, you have no choice but to leave that comfort zone and make a way. This is the first time in a long time, that I’ve been completely uncertain about my future. I am honestly at a place where I don’t know where to go, what to do, how to apply for jobs, which jobs to apply to — I’m just at a complete loss. But, I think that this is a good space to be in because I am now forced to think everything through. I am taking my time with finding my next job because, for this next one, I don’t just want a job opportunity, I want a career. So, as uncomfortable as this period of my life is, I am very happy that it is happening now, and I am ready to patiently and diligently work my way through it.