The Reality

Blogging Isn’t Easy And It Isn’t For Everyone.

Although the blogging community is very supportive, bright and helpful, blogging itself is still difficult for many reasons. You have to stay connected at all times; in staying connected, you must interact with and support other bloggers/engage; and, you have to do all of this without letting social media steal your joy and creative juices.

I’ve been blogging for a year now and I have seen many people come into the community for many reasons (both right and wrong). I’ve seen many people expecting overnight success in blogging and I’ve seen many people ready to spill out their creative ideas, as well as their thoughts and feelings.

For me, blogging has become a way of life. It is part of my weekly ‘to-do’ that I do not mind getting done. I blog when I feel inspired. I blog when life gets me down. And, thanks to Squarespace, I blog when I’m on the go and inspiration strikes.

Now, I hear a lot that, “good bloggers blog often (meaning multiple times a week)”, and I’m just not that blogger. But, it’s okay that you take your time with actually publishing content! Rushing content usually results in bad content, and I’d just much rather put out posts with passion rather than just putting out posts.

Also keep in mind that blogging isn’t for everyone. In a world where technology has made things so much easier, it’s easy for people to pick up cameras and call themselves models, or argue with someone and then think that they can be lawyers. But, similar to these things, blogging takes work.

I do not discount anyone’s blogging experience because I think that each bloggers walk is amazing. Usually the story of what leads people to blogging is what gets me into their blog. So it may not be easy, and it may not even last, but while you’re doing it whether you’re good at it or bad at it (whatever that means), give it your best and the best things will come from it.