The Ego


For some reason, people have it in their minds that they are entitled to things that they haven’t worked for. They have this idea of entitlement so ingrained into their beings that they (1) completely fail to acknowledge their own sense of entitlement, and (2) go so far as to believe that they can force relationships on others that they did not work for.

I had this experience recently and I want to address it.

First off, to not be self-aware enough to acknowledge that you literally exude a sense of entitlement while doing the bare minimum, shows a complete lack of introspection on your part. Secondly, to assume that you can force unto other people things that they don’t want screams entitlement and screams crazy.

But, let’s stop for a second and discuss the area that you had ME completely messed up: I am a nice person in that i treat people like they are humans and I treat them civilly. Where you mess up is in assuming that my niceness means anything more; that me giving you my time means that you deserve it or that I owe it to you; and, that me, in being completely clear with what I have to offer, means that you should try harder to put me into one of the categories that you want me in.

I am not the project for the losers who think that they deserve to know, love, or hang with me. I am not the person who will stroke an ill-found ego. I am not interested in having anyone try to change my mind about who and what they are in my life. I have the right to choose what you will be when you enter my life. I have the right to choose what I am willing to deal with from another human being. And, I am the one with the right to walk away and completely forget about you (bless this short term memory).

Little boys of the world, please, if you have an ego, learn to use it in a way that will be advantageous to you. Learn to harness it, control it, and use it as fuel. The alternative is to end up looking like a man-child who is vying for the attention of ANYONE who will stroke your little ego. I promise there are so many of these people in the world and we really don’t need anymore — be an outlier instead.

What we need is the change/the difference… We need the man who doesn’t have to scream it at the top of the mountain for it to be known. We need the man who doesn’t force things upon people that they did not work for.

Overall, we need you to get that ego in check because, right now, it’s all words and no action. Simply put:


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