The Apology

Growth means admitting that you were wrong.

When we are young[er], we tend to make mistakes. Sometimes we hurt people who did nothing but treat us right, sometimes we lie to friends and loved ones when we could have just told the truth, and we cheat/cut corners when we could’ve just left an unhappy situation amicably.

I have been the victim of plenty wrong and I’ve been in the shoes of the person committing the wrong. Recently, I’ve been contacted by people of the past who wish to sincerely apologize for the wrong that they’ve done to me. This makes me happy because it shows that they’ve taken time out to grow and learn; they’ve realized that their conduct towards me was wrong in one way or another; and, most importantly, they realized that I did not deserve that type of treatment because I was good to them.

Sometimes this type of vindication is all that we need to boost our confidence in people. Sometimes it is all that we need to restore our faith in humanity. Sometimes it is all that we need to see that we were worth just as much as we thought we were at the time… Don’t be afraid to be the bigger person. Don’t be afraid to grow and to learn. Don’t be afraid to let someone know that they were right and that you are sorry for all that you’ve done. It goes a long way, and that growth will always go appreciated.