High school: 

I attended Hogan Senior High in Vallejo, CA. When I first arrived at Hogan, all I wanted was to be like my older sisters. A lot of the activities that I participated in were activities that they were also a part of. I did it as a way of getting through high school which was intimidating in and of itself at that time. My earlier years were spent hiding behind them and playing it safe without having to really make decisions for myself. However, it was my last year of high school where I decided to begin my "branching out" phase. 

I appreciate my time in high school the most because of my last couple of years. I participated in sports like tennis, wrestling, band and drumline and I was on the Leadership Team. Apart from that, my Junior and Senior years of high school were the years that I came into my own. I stopped allowing other people's opinions shape my views, and I experienced real love for the first time. If nothing else changes you, attempting to love at a time where your hormones are scientifically proven to be at their peak will. Of course, I brought that into the next phase of my life as well.


I attended college at Sacramento State University which is about an hour away from my hometown. If I had things my way, I probably would have attended university out of state. Around the time that I was applying to college, I think Chicago was my desired location. My mom, however, had different plans, so Sacramento State University was the school I attended instead.

So, with that, I spent the next couple of years in college where I studied, cried, learned, lead the Black Student Union, worked for the University president, started two mentoring programs with local high schools, learned more about who I am, and then moved on. 

My appreciation for my experiences throughout college runs deep. I made the majority of my mistakes in college. I lost friends in college, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis while I was in college, I lost the love of my life in college, and I found myself in college. Who would I be if I did not carry a serious love and appreciation for the years spent at University that taught me so much? 

Graduate Degree:

I am currently working on my Juris Doctor at a California law school. Never could I ever have honestly imagined myself here. It is both my biggest adventure and my greatest challenge, and I want nothing more than to prove to myself that I can accomplish this so that I can move on to my next crazy mission in life. You'll read much more about my law school experiences in the Blog portion of this site, so I'll keep this section Breef.