Bree, In The Middle

I am the third child of five. Now, everyone has their misconceptions about being a middle child. They say, "We are the forgotten child", or that we are "resentful because we were born in the middle". 

I, of course, do not believe either or these things and am perfectly fine with being the middle child. 

I have never felt forgotten because I was always either glued to my dad or being reminded of what my mother went through just to have me. 

I was definitely a surprise to my mother who did not know that she was pregnant until she was about six months into gestation. She then had me at about six-and-a-half, so you can forget about prenatal vitamins and check-up visits. I was born at whopping 2 pound and 14 ounces and, trust me, I was not pretty.

Regardless of these things, I am happy to be the third child of five. 


My Siblings

I have two older sisters and two younger brothers.

My Siblings are some of the most amazing people that I know, and whenever we are together, we may fight, but I love them and annoy them nonetheless. 

Being in the middle, I've got the crazy experience of watching my little brothers grow and also of growing up with my older sisters. We are all completely different. You'd think we weren't even cut from the same clothe, but that's what I love most about us. So many different ideas, so many different attitudes, and so many different ways that our futures could lead us. 

Prepare yourselves for long-winded blog posts about arguments, vacations and outings with my siblings! They are sure to come your way soon.