CIV: Youtubers You Should Be Watching! (2019)

Finding influencers and Youtubers who are not problematic, racist or largely supporting openly racist, cultural appropriators is tough!

But don’t let your values and morals keep you from enjoying the occasional Youtube video binge!

This post was created to provide the occasional Youtube peruser with a little bit of fun Youtube content from some of my favs!



Now, Aunty Jackie is hilarious, so if her sense of humor alone doesn’t get you, then her raw talent will.

Not only do I adore Jackie Aina because of her love and light, I love her because she is so for all things Black that it’s not even funny!

She fully supports other Black influencers, she shouts them out in an attempt to make sure that they get their shine also, and she’s REAL.

Go subscribe, follow her socials and fall in love!



Now, Shanygne can talk, so her name is very fitting. But, I like her because she is unapologetically honest.

At first, her slow-talking/acting ways kind of threw me off, but as time went on, I just chalked it up to her being her and enjoyed her content for what it was.

I will say that she is a consistent content creator. She’s original. She’s honest. And, she isn’t out here trying to be what she’s not. I appreciate her and her channel for all of these things.

So, I highly recommend that you go and binge-watch her Youtube content. It’s honestly good, especially if you’re a brown-skinned beauty into make-up, wigs, and laughter.



Ellarie is simply adorable. I love that she shares her beautiful daughter with us, and that she shares single motherhood with us.

Many of us have this crazy conception that, even if the relationship isn’t right we should stay when kids are involved. Not saying that Ellarie’s relationship wasn’t right with Yoshi’s dad, just saying she’s doing this on her own without many complaints about it!

As a human, of course it gets hard, but she’s open and honest with her viewers (not that she even has to be) and because of that, so many people relate and revisit her content. It actually helps many people, so I don’t only see her as a beauty vlogger, I see her reaching life coach levels and that’s simply amazing.

Now, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies (yuck) on Youtube. I did have some favs that many of you know if you follow me on Socials that I no longer rock with. We’ll cover one.

I was a huge fan of MakeupShayla which I now find problematic.

I noticed that a lot of her content was 1) repetitive and 2) off! Now, we all want to look nice and have cool people in our circle. But, I think that her crazy focus on having this Instagram body and maintaining this look as well as the company that she keeps made it a little awkward for those struggling to love their bodies as they were made and to keep their morals and values.

Now, to my knowledge, she hasn’t had any work done on her body-it’s natural. But there’s a fine line between working out and eating healthy for health and beauty benefits, and seemingly obsessing over a look that you follow in celebrities. I feel that she is bordering more on the latter than on the former and it’s not a healthy message for subscribers. It’s just not.

In addition, I don’t support any Black Influencer who openly supports people blatantly stealing from our culture and handing it back to us as if they did us a favor. She eats this stuff up, and I don’t rock with it!

So, a lot of people may also find her a fun Youtube binge just like I used to. But, it is okay to cancel what is not good for YOU. So that’s what I did!