IV: What If I Am Not Good At It?

Welcome & hello ALL you beautiful souls!

I’m new to the blogging game and will act as a contributor on this site by discussing an array of topics – ranging from motherhood and relationships to marriage as well as my own personal growth.  Every now and again, I’ll discuss my love for all things makeup, art and hopefully my posts will provide both encouragement and inspiration to everyone who reads. All of us carry silent struggles, and sometimes we need to hear or read a gentle word to lift our spirit. As such, I hope my contributions will serve that purpose.

I was initially hesitant about contributing to the blog since cyberspace is ruthless and I’ve now made possible the opportunity to be openly criticized for my thoughts once they hit your computer screens. Nevertheless, I trudge ahead with the opportunity because far too often I find myself sticking to what is comfortable and safe.

Unfortunately, I believe that in doing so, we limit our experiences and in essence hinder our ability to grow. I can remember the countless times I opted for applying to law school programs that I just knew I’d get into, rather than applying for more highly regarded institutions where I wasn’t as confident of a favorable outcome. Who knows what opportunities I’ve missed out on by making the safer choice? Regardless of circumstance, be it applying for a new job/promotion opportunity at work, trying something new, choosing institutions to further education, or deciding to speak to someone you find attractive – give it a shot anyway.

Rejection is something that many of us fear and would rather not deal with, but it is a necessary component of life. I remember graduating from college and my mother would tell me to apply for all sorts of jobs that I thought I wouldn’t get because I lacked experience.

“Try anyway, the most anyone can tell you is “No.”

That’s what she would tell me. And I’ve taken her advice and applied it to several other areas where I lack confidence. The more that I actively put myself into uncomfortable situations, the easier it became to handle rejection and no longer allow it to discourage me. So, regardless of what it is - a job, an attractive man/woman, an opportunity for advancement, doing something you have a passion for but you’re uncertain of actual success – don’t limit yourself. Put your best foot forward, try, give 100% and let the chips fall where they may.

It’s this adaption to my own mindset that has caused me to leave shallow water and wade out into the deep. To place my thoughts on the canvas of the internet and invite you all into my world. If you’ve gone out and tried something new today or later on in the week, feel free to come back and let us know of your experience! We’d love to hear from you!  I’m excited and I look forward to your responses!