CI: My Favorite Suits, The Bargains & The Gains.

This post is all about keeping the workplace fashionable, and on a budget!

I enjoy bringing my style to each new workplace that I get the honor of gracing daily. On the days that I decide not to be lazy, I like to bring out the big guns — i.e. the suits!

I love a good suit, but I cannot lie, they are super expensive. As a longtime student (well, not anymore) I am constantly and probably forever, ballin’ on a budget.

So post is all about the Steals of Deals that I’ve acquired over time, and the mixes and matches that I’ve made out of them.

Blazer: Black Label by Evan Picone (regular $74.00, sale $39.99)

Trousers: Worthington

Shoes: Nine West (on sale $14.99)

I know this isn’t a full suit, and but a couple of separates. But, I mean, look at the combo! The blazer gives me complete Clueless vibes and the shoes are red hot. I love this combo especially the pants which have a solid crease down the middle.

Now, call me old school, but I still love a crease, and if my pants come with one

Two Piece Suit: Le Suit (regular $120, sale $54.99)

Shoes: Mix No. 6 (DSW $49.99)

This number is a sleeveless dress and a 3/4 sleeved blazer. I love the white accents on the suit and I think that they make the suit look super chic and sophisticated.

Suit: Zara — Tuxedo Suit; Blazer and Trousers sold separately ($150.00)

Top: Worthington

Shoes: Mix No. 6 (DSW $49.99)

This is definitely my favorite look from this post. I LOVE THIS SUIT.

I honestly call this one my Special Occassion Suit and I have only worn it once. This beauty has silk lapels as well as a silk tuxedo line down the sides of the trousers.

The trousers are high waisted and fit perfectly. Every time I put this suit on I feel presidential! I believe that everyone needs at least one of these badboys in their closet.

Now this suit was a gift from my Aunty Kim, so I honestly cannot tell you where it came from, but I mean, look at how cute these pleats are!

This suit is the perfect summertime outfit and I definitely enjoyed dressing it up like a was a girls scout. The top is Worthington and The Shoes are Old Navy.

Casual Friday anyone?

These fun, high-waisted and whimsey trousers are perfect when paired with a tucked-in top to show off the bunches and bow at the top. They are the epitome of a Casual Friday piece with huge pockets and a comfortable fit.

The Top: Worthington

Shoes: Nine West

As you can see, I’m into the same brands and labels because they are the brands and labels that I have found to be affordable, comfortable and very fashionable.

Literally anyone can be a fashionista! And you can do it on a budget.

Style, however, is a different story. I thoroughly enjoy my style, and, based on the compliments, others do too!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this workweek worth of style and the little peek into my closet. There’s plenty more to come!

III: How Can Style Change Your Perspective? My Journey From Fearful To Fearless.

Hello, dear readers!

My contribution to this blog is meant to be a collection of my personal dreams and ideas. My posts will often feature fun lifestyle topics, like fashion and travel, but you will also see me delve into deeper subjects, such as the challenges that come with navigating today’s dating scene, achieving a work/school/life balance, or the existential crises that strike all of us at random moments.

Ultimately, my blog entries are intended to be as relatable as they are honest.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

I have always adored fashion, but not for the reasons you might expect. For me, fashion is so much more than a superficial desire to look “hot” or jump on the bandwagon of the latest trend. My style is an outward illustration of my personality. It allows me to express my identity in ways that I could never do when I was younger. 

So, why am I focused on bargain fashion finds, specifically?

Well, my parents were both immigrants from Soviet-era Europe. During my mother’s youth, she wore a uniform, and she never experienced the liberating feeling of using fashion to express herself. When she arrived in the United States, my dad took her to her very first discount store—Marshalls—and that, my friends, is where it all began!

My mom was always on a limited budget, so she relied on stores like Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, and Ross to expand her wardrobe. To this day, she is such a classy and elegant woman, and she proves that you can make a 20-dollar dress look like a million bucks. She instilled in me the idea that a person should always strive to put his or her best foot forward.

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”
“Your personality is not the first thing people see.”

Sound familiar? Whether we like it or not, our appearance is at the forefront of how we portray ourselves to the world. Psychologists say that when we meet people for the first time, we only have a seven-second window to make a powerful first impression. In those seven seconds, I want people to see that I carry myself with professionalism and grace.

It took a long time and a lot of confidence-building to get to this point. My younger years were a very uncomfortable time, as they were for many of us. I felt strange in my own skin, and I was constantly picked on for the way I walked, the way I talked, or the way I looked (nerdy, thick glasses, you get the picture). You can definitely call me a late bloomer.

Secretly, I dreamed of a future where I would shed my awkward outer shell and grow into the self-assured woman I am now. When I started earning my own money, I began building a legitimate wardrobe piece by piece. Years later, I finally breathed life into what has now become my “style."

I stopped fearing bright colors and shying away from bold patterns. In fact, I stopped being afraid, period! My newly discovered style helped shape my confidence, and vice versa. The bold, vivacious version of me was always in there somewhere—it merely took some introspection and courage to pull her out of her comfort zone!

Sharing my story and my style with all of you matters to me, because I want to show the world that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to look presentable and put-together. Everyone has a style that suits him or her; what matters is that you wear your style with composure.

The bottom line: I believe in finding quality items at a fraction of the price—sometimes you just have to look a bit harder! I consider myself a bargain shopping connoisseur, and “SALE” is my favorite (appropriate) four-letter word! 


Trench Coat – New York & Co. ($69.00 on sale)*

*This is on the pricier side of my usual purchases, but when it comes to outerwear, you can really get your money’s worth when you buy a quality coat. It will last forever, as long as you take proper care of it!

Shoes – Impo ($19.99 at Ross)

📷: Brianna J. 


Blouse – New York & Co. ($25.00 on sale)

Skirt - Forever 21 ($12.99)

Tights – Jones New York ($6.99/2 pairs at Ross)

📷: Brianna J. 


Dress – Express ($30.00 on clearance)

Jacket – Zara ($69.99)

Shoes – Shoe Republic LA (Free from a friend! Usually $39.99)

📷: Brianna J. 


Jacket – H&M ($20.00 on clearance)

Sweater – Ralph Lauren ($24.99 at Ross)

Pants – Express ($25.00 on clearance)

Shoes – A.n.a. ($9.99 on clearance)

📷: Brianna J.