XLVIII: Beyoncé or Bust?

So This Weekend, The Queen Blessed Me With Her Presence!


Oh, and Jay-Z was there too.

I could write a whole post about how great On The Run II was, but, this post is all about the voyage to the show because, trust me, it was rough! Let me tell you why:

The Venue: 


The September 29th OTR II concert was held in Santa Clara at the Levi’s Stadium. This is the home of the San Francisco 49ers.

I am going to bet a shiny penny that this stadium only sells out when Beyoncé comes because the location is just not equipped for the foot traffic, the vehicle traffic, etc. that Beyoncé brings when she comes to town, let alone a football game (if people could find a care for the 49ers).

I think that this stadium is used when Bey comes because it is the biggest stadium in the Bay Area, but I just don’t get how they think that it works logistically. Those of us who have to drive 3+ hours to get to the stadium suffer immensely because we deng near have to leave our city at 11a.m. to get to the venue on time AND find a place to park AND then to walk the mile and a half to the actual venue!

I will, however, give the venue points because of the fact that it fits all of the Beyhive members and their friends; it fits Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s extravagant stages that move and sweep the area; and, I’m guessing they didn’t fine the Queen for going a tad bit over the 11p.m. curfew. I mean, come on, it’s the QUEEN 🐝! So they get points for these things, but they also deserve to be read out of this universe for the horrible driving in and parking situation.

The Parking Situation: 


 Speaking of, the Levi’s Stadium is fairly big. So, I am going to assume that, in creating a football stadium, they would prepare for that stadium to be sold out (definitely not for a 49ers game, but, you know concerts or something). In preparing for this big and new stadium to be sold out, they should definitely consider the fact that maybe these people packing out this stadium aren’t all teleporting in!

How is Levi’s Stadium that big and there is literally NO parking!?

I was so upset with the parking situation; the driving in situation; and most definitely, the driving out situation. It was complete trash.

So, when we finally made it to the venue, we see signs that say “VIP, ADA…” and some other pass that I had no idea about. Now, if VIP parking passes were being sold when I bought my OTR II ticket, you’d better believe that I wouldn’t mind getting one to avoid the exact situation that I had to live through this weekend!

Also, they make you drive down these little packed streets only to find out that you can’t park anywhere near the stadium. You then have to turn around and go back to a business area, spend an additional 45 minutes in traffic to pay $40 to park your car in a lot that should be free because it belongs to businesses.

Long story short, the whole situation is garbage and I don’t blame the Queen, I blame all of horrible people in charge of Levi’s Stadium and even the misguided Highway Patrolmen who closed off the streets after the concert ended making us get on the freeway traveling in the opposite direction (making us have to wait in more traffic to turn around to get on the freeway that should have been open to us in the first place).


So, when I say that all of the demon spirits of Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashians past tried their best to keep us from getting to Queen Bey, I mean it. BUT, they never win, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z definitely did not disappoint.

Also, can we talk about how freaking flawless Beyoncé is?!