LX: Winter Is Coming?

Dry skin sufferers such as myself, winter is neigh!

This is such a hard time for me, personally, because I suffer from overactive sweat glands in addition to having extremely dry skin.

So, I can moisturize, but I will sweat it off and then be dry and crackly for the rest of the day which isn’t fun for anyone. Our skin is honestly like the petal of a rose and if we don’t care for it, then it will wither.

In this post, I am going to suggest a couple of soaps, lotions, and cleansers that normally help me through the winter in the hopes that they will help you as well!

Black Soap.png

Black Soap

Black soap is usually pure and unscented.

This is beneficial when you have extra dry skin caused by the perfumes within other soap brands.

I find Black Soap to be a very good mix of oats, honeys and natural oils that leave my skin feeling fresh without the residual dryness that scented soaps cause. Although I am able to use scented soaps with less problems in other seasons.


Nivea Lotion

This is very reasonably priced and well-formulated lotion.

It is very thick and, from my experiences, coats my dry skin very well. It even protects me through my sweat!

You can find this lotion in your local Target, CVS, or WalMart and, best part, you won’t break the bank to get it.


Pond’s Facial Moisturizer

Because I prefer to wash my face with just soap and water instead of using specific cleansers, I find it super necessary to have a good product that doesn’t irritate my skin and also moisturizes me.



Aveeno’s skin relief moisture repair cream is another gem.

Now, I normally save my Aveeno products for after my nighttime shower and use my Nivea products after my daytime showers, but this would definitely be an excellent all day moisturizer simply because it lasts.

Both Nivea and Aveeno provide a thick and moisture enhanced formula that is so beneficial to those with drier skin, but, if I had to choose, I would definitely choose Aveeno products because they really work for dry skin and eczema sufferers.



Finally, Clinique has what would have to be the most gentle cleansers that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

Now, I’ve tried a ton of cleansers simply because every time that finals roll around I get a horrible break out that is hard to get rid of. But, after these break outs, I usually find that the cleansers that I love are just too harsh and full of chemicals to use all year so I just resort to soap and water.

But, Clinique is the perfect balance of medication and moisture to clear the blemishes and keep the healthy balance of nutrients on your skin, so if you’re looking for a year-round cleanser, I’d recommend this one!

So, for those of you suffering from dry skin during the winter months, give these products a try. They are cost effective ways of caring for your skin and maintaining that healthy balanced glow!