CV: Talk About A Chance Meeting…

Chance Meeting: “the Platonic version of a Meet Cute, where the paths of two strangers intersect for any number of reasons and the grounds of some [type of] relationship begins.”

Anyone who has followed me or my blog over the years knows especially well that I favor in-person meetings, communications and beginnings over any form of electronic ones. Yes, I am old school in the way that I fancy a chance meeting over a swipe right. I am pure hearted in the way that I can take a long glance into the eyes of a stranger far better than I can take a heart-eyed emoji over Instagram.

And so, when I unexpectedly encountered a very pleasant, funny, and equally accomplished person, I was intrigued. Now, during our whole initial encounter I made it very clear, as I often do, that I am on a break (a year long break) from any forms of relationships—be it a friendship or otherwise. I made it clear that I have the memory of a dead fly and that, after said encounter, I would likely never think their name again.

Karma works in hilarious ways, however, and I have not since forgotten, and all that I can think about is the fact that I was just so sure that I would forget this person! 🙄

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Think The Holiday where Jude Law’s character, Graham, accidentally meets Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda. That was certainly an unexpected meeting as Graham had only attempted to visit his sister while in his drunken state, but instead found Amanda. From there an authentic attraction began. Ah, the power of the chance meeting…

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Another favorite is The Notebook where Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah, climbs onto a ferris wheel in order to ask Rachel McAdams’ character, Allie, on a date that she initially does not want to go on. We all know how that story goes!

Messages Image(1895571871).png

And I can’t fail to mention one of my favorite meet cutes from The Greatest Showman where Zac Efron’s character, Phillip Carlyle, sees Zendaya’s character, Anne Wheeler, for the first time—instant connection.

Now, what one is supposed to do with a chance meeting? I have NO idea. I just know that it becomes a pleasantly annoying thing that either lingers or pops up in your thoughts whenever is most inconvenient. Apart from that, I like that someone has the ability to fill your mind with good thoughts of a chance encounter. It’s like a piece of goodness that I’ll get to take with me until the day that I finally forget.

I oftentimes hope that I make that same impression on people that I meet. BUT, before we get too distracted, this post is all about appreciating the chance meetings!

So often it’s the case that we don’t slow down enough to appreciate having met someone. We forget to appreciate our beginnings because we are so focused on what could be. Our thoughts go straight to trapping this person or smothering this person before we even know their basic information! Slow down guys! Appreciate meeting and getting to know people.

This meeting could have been the thing that has sparked my appreciation for chance meetings, I DON’T KNOW, but I do realize that these meetings are life’s constant reminders to open your eyes, use your heart, and make actual conversation with people! I, of course, look forward to seeing more of this person, and after careful thought, I will definitely be more present in our moments and also more appreciative.

Gotta love the Meet Cute…

LXVIII: Movie Theater Etiquette 101

I go to the movies a lot which means that I see and experience a lot in that setting. I wish I could say that all (or most) of my experiences were pleasant, but the great majority of them are not.

But, have no fear! I’ve written out a couple of tips to help those who struggle when emerging from their homes and traveling to the cinemas:


I’ve been to the movies too many times and had my experience negatively altered by the family who decided to bring either a newborn or a toddler to an R rated movie.

Now, it is completely up to you to decide how you will parent and what content you will allow your children to see and indulge in, but please keep in mind the fact that you did not pay for every seat in the theater. Other people paid to be there as well, so when your newborn screams, we all hear it and when your toddler decides that the movie is boring and that he/she should instead start a conversation about Bubble Guppies, we hear that too.

Please be considerate of other movie-goers.


It never fails, if i go to the movies at night on a weekend, it is inevitably filled with high school students. Now, as a sheltered teen, I am all for y’alls liberation, but when it infringes on my good time is when I start to have a problem with it.

The movie will legitimately be an hour and thirty minutes and y’all get up to leave the theater 4 times. You’re either sipping too hard on that Coke or you’re busy sending selfies from the movie theater rest room. I promise the lighting is better at home in your bathroom so just wait until you’re there.



I have now been in a theater with both children and adults who cannot sit for two hours without being on their phones!

When I’m lucky, they are completely out of my view, but, I recently went to watch Aquaman and there was this middle-aged/old-enough-to-know-better aged man who was there with a woman but constantly checking his dating app! Like, come on you thirsty old man, get it together and find some respect! If not for me, then maybe for the girl next to you whose popcorn you keep stealing.

Either wait until after the movie, or just excuse yourself. We shouldn’t all have to suffer just because you’re obsessed with your phones.


I know that leaving the house can be such an exciting thing, but each and every time that I left my house to watch Creed II, my experience was ruined by that one person who couldn’t keep their comments, thoughts, guesses, and alternate plot theories to themselves.

I know that you think your ideas are great and that they should be heard, but save that for your blog or your mama, and not for the movie theater where we all paid to watch what the director and writer decide what would happen… not you!

LVIII: So, Creed II...

The long-awaited reveal of the work-in-progress Creed II finally hit the theaters and it did not disappoint. 

Now, call this whole post biased if you want based on my love for all involved in the making of the film, but the film was great!  


The film follows the storyline that was set up in Creed, created by none other than Ryan Coogler, wherein Adonis “Donnie”/“Hollywood” Johnson leaves his day job in Los Angeles to train with Rocky Balboa, and fight full time.

Along the way, he helps the infamous, Rocky Balboa fight a couple of battles of his own and falls in love creating the perfect teaming of beings.


One of my favorite things about these movies is how respectful a man that Adonis is. 

From the beginning, he approached the situation with Rocky as humbly and respectfully as can be. Even when they had a disagreement, Adonis would always come back, acknowledge his wrong and apologize.

The writers could have chosen to make Adonis’ character a mean, resentful man for his father’s infidelity and for “leaving him” (which was a theme throughout both films), but they instead made him the vision of what a man should be.

He was hardworking, focused, respectful, loyal, faithful, loving, friendly and didn’t take his chances for granted. He had the will to fight for what he wanted and he worked hard despite other’s disbelief in him. 

I love the man that they chose to make Adonis Johnson in this film. 

I especially loved watching him in Creed II because, in this film, we get to see what happens when Adonis is shaken. When he isn’t just the strong, fighting, loving man that I love to see… He was feeling down based on a fear that he wasn’t good enough (something we have all experienced), so this Donnie was refreshing for me. It was realistic.

Him needing Rocky (and Bianca) to get through this was so good to see.

Boys these days put up this wall and act as though they don’t need people (men don’t, they know they need people), so the result is them carrying that resentment, being angry, and treating the next batch of people in their lives horribly. 

Watching these characters on screen and the relationship between Rocky and Adonis should definitely open the eyes of many men and women. The bond, the respect, the relationship — phenomenal. And, given the selfish character of people today, it’s not a bond you see much.

I hope that these two on screen help shape a change in this regard.



Am I the only one who didn’t know that she could sing?  

Honestly, I knew nothing about Tessa Thompson before the Creed movies, but I love her role in it all. 

Throughout the Creed movies, we hear original songs performed by Tessa Thompson which, I personally, LOVE. These songs are not what I typically listen to because of the trip-hoppy feel that they have but I love each of the songs she performs for these movies! Shoutout to her!



Speaking of  the beautiful Tessa Thompson, her character Bianca finally gets the recognition as the strong female counterpart to Adonis Creed in the new Creed movie. 

She is acknowledged for standing by his side in situations that must be difficult. Dealing with the punches, the beatings, the wins, the losses, etc, she was right by his side — the perfect team.

Their relationship was cute from the start. They were patient with each other and although Bianca's character was guarded initially, she let that guard down to team up with someone worth the risk!


In Creed II, we see the couple go through more. We see them struggle with each other and in their lives separately.

I like that because, again, it’s real.

Adonis becomes so far removed from his relationship with both Rocky and Bianca leaving Bianca to hold it together while he figures it all out. She turns to Adonis’ mom for advice because she’s been through it before and we get to hear the tale of another woman having to be strong for herself and her man while her man figures out his crap. I’m all for being there for the team, but I would never pass up the opportunity to acknowledge how strong women have to be to love even a good man… It’s not easy.


So, I just love the love and appreciation that Adonis shows Bianca. I loved how he made it clear that he needed her and she made it clear that she needed him. It was a perfect balance to a dope team.


Bianca | Donnie

This was one of the best scenes to me.

It was the complete embodiment of teamwork and standing by each other.


While we’re here, can we talk about the amount of work that MBJ put in to become Adonis Creed for this film?  

Now, there are people walking around talking about hating the film entirely and I cannot see why!

First off, the training! I’m sure we cannot even fathom the amount of work that Michael B. Jordan put in to (1) learn how to box and (2) look that good.

If you can’t look at the movie and see that the work is real then I have no clue what’s wrong with you. If you can’t appreciate just the amount of work that they all put in on a boxing and working out front, then you’re insane for sure.

I see the work ethic, MBJ! I admire it.


After the final fight of the film, Rocky mentioned to Adonis that it was his time now. He then took a seat next to the ring, took off his hat and just stared in.

I feel that this moment symbolizes the end of the Donnie-Rocky trainor-trainee relationship and it kills me. They really made each other better. They were good friends/family and an even greater team. After a match, if Donnie wasn’t looking for Bianca, then he was looking for Rocky and that just shows how deep their bonds were.

But, I am super convinced that Rocky will leave Adonis after this film and work on his relationship with his family. He may be a call away, but I honestly don’t see Rocky being in the next (hopeful that there will be a next) film.

As for Bianca and Donnie, I know that they can weather any storm and I love it, but I am thinking that Bianca’s career will take off and, of course, Donnie won’t want to stay away from the ring, so there will be some difficulties there with their relationship and their baby.


LIV: Why Am I So Afraid Of My Favorite Season (The Holiday Season)?

I love the holidays so much.

But, I have such a fear of spending the holidays alone. I can’t tell you why I have this fear since every year (especially while in a relationship), I end up on my couch, drinking wine and watching Eloise At The Plaza or Les Miserables completely alone.

The hopeless romantic in me starts picturing it differently every year starting before Halloween, and here’s what the hopelessly romantic Bree creates:

Given that I normally travel during the holidays, I picture myself and my spouse in a different city where there’s a brisk chill and lots of layers.

We run out into the rain, or snow, to stock up on movie snacks, hot cocoa/tea and movies that can be enjoyed together in our matching PJs.

Of course the hotel that we’re staying at has an amazing view of some of the most beautiful Christmas lights you’ll ever see, so we have the curtains drawn on the big beautiful windows.

We cozy up on the couch nearest the window in our PJs and house shoes, cups in hand and just look gratefully into each others eyes. Happy to spend such an important day with each other… Feeling like, even if it isn’t so, we are everything that we need…

That night is full of laughs, warmth, cuddles, food and love… That’s what I imagine for the holidays.

But, let’s do an expectations vs. reality deal here! My expectation looks GREAT for the older, more settled in version of Bree (after elevating my circle, settling comfortably into a job that I love, and a bit of solo travel)!

My reality each year usually isn’t anything like this however. Even when I was in a relationship during the holiday season, my significant other was either overseas in the military (good excuse) or, for other exes, somewhere being selfish and cheating (not gonna lie). This could have easily created another reason why I fear my favorite season altogether (you know, it being a constant reminder of my life’s patterns...), but I digress…

Luckily for me, I usually get the chance to celebrate early with my family alongside my 4 brothers and sisters! Do you know how many cuddles you can get when you have that many siblings! 

So I may not have experienced my perfect ‘The Holiday’ Holiday, but I usually have a great one anyway, so bring on my favorite time of year!

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XIX: What Are Your Current 'Must-Watch' Movies?

I am a huge fan of the cinema! I just love the places and mental spaces that movies, both old and new, take you and I love feeling as though I can escape daily pressures for 2-3 hours of the day.

Here are some escapes that I've loved and that you shouldn't miss:

Its Complicated.jpg

It's Complicated

If you have not seen this movie, you are completely missing out.

This movie gives an interesting perspective about life after divorce. It is not your typical love story which is why it is so great. 

Do yourselves a favor and watch this movie. You'll laugh and you'll definitely fall in love with it. 

Tristan + Isolde.jpg

Tristan + Isolde

Now, this is a love story like none other. You've got gore and lot's of fighting, but from all of this, you get love!

This has been a favorite of mine for a while. I would definitely give this movie a try if you have not yet seen it. 

Peter Pan.jpg

Peter Pan

This is my all-time favorite movie. Nope! I am not kidding, this is my favorite movie. 

1. I love Jeremy Sumpter

2. Who doesn't dream of staying forever young? 

Definitely watch this version of Peter Pan if you haven't seen it. You will not regret it. 

Curly Sue.jpg

Curly Sue

Say hello to another gem from my childhood. I watched this movie over and over and over and over and over again. 

Curly Sue is this cute little sassy girl that helps her father scheme for money and food until the duo meets the perfect kind-hearted woman to change the tide of their lives.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Lucky for you guys, Amazon has everything! 


The Black Panther.jpg

Black Panther

Now you KNOW that I have to mention the movie of the decade (yes, I said it), the Black Panther!

If you watch this movie and do not like it, then the fact must be that you did not watch it at all. 

The Black Panther was beautifully done, excellently executed and super Black just like I like it!

I could sit here and type my heart away about this movie, but it'd be useless. There are simply no words for how amazing this movie is. The best in the Marvel Universe, hands down.

Do yourself a favor and watch it! And then watch it again.

Star Wars Attack of the Clones.jpg

Star Wars Episode II

This is still my favorite Star Wars movie. I grew up watching these movies all thanks to my Uncle Jeremy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JEREMY!). He is a huge Star Wars fan and even subjects his family to long car rides listening to the Star Wars soundtracks (as he should.)

Anyway, I suppose that since I am so anti-love in the real world, any good love story on the television just steals my heart. Anakin and Padme had a beautiful beginning and I just love watching them in this movie! 


The Greatest Showman.png

The Greatest Showman

We all know that I've thoroughly enjoyed this movie! I loved it so much that I even wrote a review about it (click here to read).

Musicals are pretty few and far between, but when they come around, they are usually great. 

This musical was a complete game-changer. Every song was brilliant, the acting was on point and the costume design was to die for!

Definitely watch this if you haven't already. 


My Girl.jpg

My Girl

Be prepared to cry if you're watching this one.

I would not consider this a "favorite", but I did watch it a lot when I was younger. I have no clue why TBS loved this movie so much, but I do know that each time it came on, I watched it!



Les Miserables.jpeg

Les Misérables

Anyone that knows me, even a little, knows that I love a good musical. 

Les Mis is a musical with so many mini stories included. It follows the life of Jean Valjean who was imprisoned after stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family. 

Once freed, he reinvents himself and starts a life anew. 

If you're a lover of all things musical, like me, then check this one out!

Just Wright.jpg

Just Wright

Now, if you can get past Paula Patton's horrible acting, then this is a great movie! 

I have no clue why I love this post-Love & Basketball movie but I think that it is brilliant.

I love Queen Latifah in pretty much any movie and her love chemistry with Common was believable. 

If you haven't already, give this one a chance. 

There's no way that I could make a complete list of all of the movies that have had a lasting impression on me, but I hope that this short list gives you a feel for what I like. 

What are some of your must-watch movies? What movies currently have you obsessed?