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XL: Lay the Foundation! Which Products Must You Have In Your Makeup Bag?

The Makeup Industry Is On The Up And Up!

There are so many great things happening in the world of make-up, but let us not forget where we've come from!

This post is all about the make-up brands and items that have withstood the tests of time. These are the items that I cannot live without! Now, I know that I don't wear make-up everyday, but I know that there are people who do, so let's start with a good base: 

Smashbox 2 Primers.jpg

Number One: The Primer

Now, if I'm going to do a full face or anything close to that, then I have to make sure that my primer is on point and fully prepared for it! That's why I've relied on Smashbox. I started out using the Photo Finish Primer with the matte finish and gradually added to that the Photo Finish Primer Water which is just something that iI use to get my make-up brushes wet before evening out my foundation.

Now, I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick which is almost exactly like the first primer that I listed above just in stick form. 

Number Two: The Foundation

Anastasia Foundation Stick.jpg

Now, my foundations change throughout the year (as I would assume everyone's does), but, for the most part, I have a system!

Smashbox Foundation Stick.jpeg

I use a foundation with cooler tones in the winter and one with warmer tones in the summer. So, the summer is the only time that I am able to use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick because the warm undertones within the Ebony shade are perfect during the summer but make my face look ashy during the winter.

When Fall and Winter roll around, I switch to my Smashbox foundations (either liquid or stick depending on how lazy I am that day). I use the liquid foundation in the color 4.3 and the stick combo in the same shade. 

If I had to choose between the two brands for foundations, I would definitely give the win to Smashbox. They absolutely know what types of undertones darker skinned women need and they cater well to those needs. 


Number Three: The Eyes

Now, I love eyeshadows, although I only really wear a couple of colors over and over (oranges, browns and reds). I have pretty much found the brand that makes the shadows with enough pigment for me to survive with just my subpar make-up application skills.

For an eyelid primer, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, Urban Decay's Potion Eyelid Primer in the color Sin is my go-to. If you want your eye shadow to stay on and never move, then this is the primer for you!

Melt Stack - Baby Girl

Melt Stack - Baby Girl

After a good primer, I usually grab one of my many Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes. My current obsessions are the Norvina palette and the Soft Glam palette, which are the two latest palettes. I also have another go-to and that's the Rust Stack by Melt Cosmetics. This is a less common brand of make-up products, but they are most known for their cute and stackable eyeshadow palettes (it's probably better to call these stacks). They are a bit on the higher side in terms of price, but, for the product that you get, they are very much worth it.

Sidenote: Melt Cosmetics has a newer stack that I currently have my eye on...  

Number Four: The Lips

I am very particular about my lipstick. I don't like the super dry formulas that come with the explanation that, "matte formulas are more dry", and I hate an oily formula!

Some brands are able to hit the nail on the head and Mac Cosmetics is one of them. Now, a huge negative about Mac's lipsticks is that some of them come with a smell -- it's like a crayon-type of smell which gets gross, of course. But, with such a wide selection and great collabs (like Taraji P.'s) I can't pass them up!

Another brand that I've been enjoying is Anastasia Beverly Hills. Now, I am convinced that a lot of the ABH products are not made with darker women in mind (as far as the undertones), but, the products that are, are amazing. So, I definitely recommend a good majority of their shades if you're on the more melanated side of things like I am. 

Finally, a blush (I use Raizin by Mac) and a setting spray (I use Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray). 

But anyway, start with a good base for make-up and then work your way through the products to find your go-tos!

Maybe I'll post a make-up look soon! Be on the lookout for that. 

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