LIII: Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix

I struggle with foundations. I struggle to find the perfect shade for my warm dark skin. I struggle to find the perfect formula for my combination (oily and dry) skin.

Colourpop recently released foundation sticks which are the perfect medium between a liquid foundation and a pressed powder. It’s literally a cream foundation in stick form, for those who do not yet use them.

I’m fond of foundation sticks and I normally use either Smashbox or Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am, however, very open to new brands that can better service my color-matching needs.


The Question Is, Do They Meet My Color-Matching Needs?


I have, once again, been let down by the make-up industry and their “many foundation color options”. Again, the amount of brands that brag about all of the colors and shades of foundation that they have compared to the number of African-American women like me who struggle to find a color that doesn’t make us look crazy… 🙄

Maybe my skin tone is not one that comes with a perfect match foundation. I mean, honestly, my skin doesn’t need foundation anyway. I have beautiful skin! But, I do want the option to wear it, so help me out brands! Help me out.


Left: Deep Dark 197 W

Right: Deep Dark 213 N

Excuse my nails and grubby fingers, nobody’s perfect. 😹


Look at this deception!

It looks like these would be perfect right? One for an all-over foundation and the other for a cool soft contour.

BUT, the color of the inside of our forearm is NOT the color of your face. Of course it won’t work!

Now, this isn’t a complete Hateogram to the whole Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix line (because Colourpop is over there working pure magic with their products), it’s just me acknowledging and slightly complaining about the fact that, if and when I want to wear make-up, I’ll still be grabbing and blending two foundations to get that base going!

And let’s not even get into bronzers! 🙄

XXXIV: Fenty Beauty #MoroccanSpice Palette, Worth the Money?

It Is a resounding and emphatic 'NO' from me.

This palette has many things wrong with it and very few things right. Now, I love Rihanna! I mostly love her attitude because I swear her amount of unbothered is a forever mood. I also love that she is stealing the make-up, Puma, and lingerie industry but this product is not something that's helped with that takeover at all. 

Where did it go wrong for me?

DSC_0784-1 2.jpeg

Once again we are plagued by the dry formula that is currently attacking the make up industry! Yes, eye shadow is supposed to be a dry product, but this product is a type of dry that makes it more like dust and less like eyeshadow. 

Also, it lacks in pigment. When you put this dry, chalky eyeshadow onto your brush to apply it to your eyes, you get a harsh slide of spaced out product that wouldn't please the most inexperienced of makeup artists (me). 

Because I just can't get over the fact that I spent $60 on an eye shadow palette that I cannot use, I guess we might as well stop the 'cons' here!

But Was There Anything Right?


The packaging is absolutely beautiful (maybe that's where the $60 that the palette costs went to and not the actual product). 

When you open the box of the product, there is a purple cardboard slide-out piece which has a top flap that easily pulls open. Once open, you have access to the palette. The palette is about the size of my hand (take into consideration my piano fingers guys). It is a beautiful purple color with a floral design in the middle.

The package is slimmer than a lot of eyeshadow palettes which either means that you get less make up for your buck or that it will be perfect for traveling with the product -- perspective. 

Should You Get It?

Let's assume, in a perfect world, that I just used the wrong eyeshadow primer (because I didn't use the FentyBeauty primer)... Let's assume that Rihanna's primer would make the product apply flawlessly! If this is the case, then yes, get the product. But, I used Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow primer which is solid gold and goodness, so I know that it is not the case that the primer made this shadow a miss instead of a hit. 

Overall, I'd say that you should pass on this product. HOWEVER, she did come out with a bomb eyeliner with a perfect tip! You should just save about $40 and get that $20 gem instead. 


XXXI: Mascara, Which is Best?

My most recent struggle presented itself in the form of uninspiring eyelashes! 

Too Faced Better Than Sex.jpg

I, like many others, have been whooed by the magic of Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara. Only, something has obviously been changed in their formula along the way because my eyelashes just don't come out the same anymore. It seems to have dried up a bit, it's no longer long-lasting, it clumps and it just doesn't get my eyelashes to the lengths that it once did. 

I gave this mascara multiple chances and even made excuses for it -- "Oh, it'll get better", "It's the first time it's messed up, maybe I should give it another chance.", etc. Sounding like a girl that should have walked away a long time ago!

But, I stayed with the hopes that it was me and not the mascara. Once my lashes began to become jet black clumps and not single-strand lashes like I like them, I was pretty much over this mascara and began a hunt for a new one.  

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara.jpeg

So, I moved on up! I kept hearing rave reviews about this new mascara by Lancóme, Monsieur Big Mascara. 

Now, I hadn't tried any Lancóme products at all before, so this was a true shot in the dark for me. Taking a $25.00 chance on a new mascara, after Too Faced's mascara betrayed me completely, was difficult!

But, after the first application, I was hooked! This was the perfect jet black mascara. The wand was sturdy the way that I like as opposed to being flimsy. And the bristles are close enough together to get to the baby lashes but not too close as to cause clumping. 

The test with mascara, however, seems to be based upon whether or not they actually last! Now, when I apply my makeup for the day, I do not bring a makeup bag with me to touch it up throughout the day. Once it's on, it's on and I am done. So, I leave it at home. But, over time, the mascara starts to get dry and clumpy within the tube which makes it apply dry and clumpy when you go to wear it. 

I've done a number of tests to see if maybe my apartment gets too hot and causes my mascara to melt and then dry/harden but that wasn't it. The mascara literally starts to dry after about a month of having it (this happened with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara as well). Maybe it is a flaw with the formula or maybe there's actually something wrong with the way that I store it, but either way, I just can't figure it out. 

So, the winner is: Benefit Cosmetic's Bad Gal  Bang!

This mascara is super lightweight and jet black (just the way that I like it). It lasts all day and really fans out my short, stumpy little lashes. So far, it's great.

I am still waiting to see if, like the others, it begins to dry within a month, but so far it has not shown signs of becoming dry or clumpy.

I highly recommend this mascara, if you haven't found your perfect mascara just yet. Give this one a try and let me know your thoughts! Also, if there's another mascara that you adore, let me know! I'm always on the hunt for a great product.

Bad Gal Bang Benefit Cosmetics.jpeg