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XLIV: Travel Essentials, What Are Mine?

Given that I recently traveled and somehow managed to leave all of my shirts at home, I figure it's time for a Travel Essentials post! I know, you're probably thinking, 'well if you couldn't even remember to pack shirts for a trip to your favorite place, then how could you possibly know what is essential for travel?' 

Good question! 

Answer: I have no idea, but here are my essentials:



I suppose I'll make the first essential shirts since I didn't have any while in Washington D.C. during the Labor Day holiday.

Thankfully, I traveled with someone who wanted to absolutely spoil me for my birthday weekend! He took care of all of my clothing woes while we were away. 

Now that we’ve established that I need shirts, let’s talk about what type of shirts I wanted for the holiday weekend. Lately, I have been big on the long, dress-type shirts that are flowy and loose-fitting. Either that or a simple t-shirt dress!

Shoes: Vans - Old Skool (Blk/Blk)

Purse: Charming Charlie


 My “comfy shoes” are literally just Vans.

I’ve been an avid Vans-wearer for approximately 19 years (Geez, that’s a lot of time). I remember back in middle school when Chuck Taylors were in, but my feet were too wide, so I ventured over to the Vans store and fell in love!

Unlucky for me, however, the “Vans” song by The Pack became a big thing and my Vans store experience has been a crowded one ever since. This was an excellent thing for Vans, but an annoying one for me.

Ah Well! I still buy them!

Shoes: Vans


I like to work out wherever I go.

A big part of that has to do with the fact that I like to see what each gym has to offer. And, another part of that has to do with the fact that I'm already in the routine of working out regularly. So, I cannot travel without at least one pair of running shoes, always Nikes (even if I don’t get a workout in).


Now, the chances of me actually putting on make-up when I go on a trip are slim to none, but let it be the case that I travel somewhere and don’t bring my make-up bag, I'd have a fit! I would definitely freak out as if I were actually going to wear make-up each day of my vacation (knowing that I won't). 

But, since I’m crazy about actually bringing my make up, here’s what I always seem to pack: 

Primers & Setting Products: 

  • Smashbox Primer Stick (click here for a list of my favs)

  • Smashbox Priming Water

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

  • Sacha Banana Powder


Eyeshadows & Liners:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes (Modern Renaissance, Prism Palette, Subculture, Soft Glam, Norvina)

  • Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack & Baby Girl Stack

  • Fenty Beauty Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

 Blushes, Highlighters, & Contouring:

  • During the summer months, I like a reddish blush, so I use Mac Cosmetic’s Raizin Blush

  • I haven’t found a highligher that I can’t live without just yet, so, if you know of one, tell a friend!


I cannot travel without snacks for the plane! For some reason, the pretzels and soft drink just don’t hit the spot the way that the flight attendants want them to. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a full meal on a 4/5 hour flight, so I don’t expect the airline to change a thing, but I do snack quite often. Because of this, I know better than to travel without an arsenal of snacks in my carryon bag.

My Kindle/A Book:

We all know that traveling without entertainment has the potential to be some of the worst experiences of your life, so I usually bring my Kindle to catch up on blogs, books, and homework.


On trips that I know I am going to shop until I drop, I always bring a carryon sized luggage and check it with the airport so that I don’t have to carry it around. This way, I am free to shop without worrying about going over weight with my bigger checked luggage (especially since I tend to overpack). I sometimes even put my extra travel sized items in this luggage, this makes it easier to bring a ton of lotions, soaps, bath bombs and different camera lenses.


This is my newest travel essential. There’s something about seeing the city with the wind blowing in your hair! Each morning we woke up and hopped on our long boards to either ride to the monuments or to ride to Union Station for food and it just turned out to be a quicker way to see more of the city and to add a bit more adventure to our adventure!

Sunglasses: Quay Australia    Shirt : Old Navy   Bottoms : Nike   Shoes : Nike   Longboard “Deuce” : Sector from Zumiez

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Shirt: Old Navy

Bottoms: Nike

Shoes: Nike

Longboard “Deuce”: Sector from Zumiez

Welp, those are some of my essentials for travel, what are yours?

XII: Makeup Monday? I Think So!

Hello Makeup Enthusiasts!


As I previously mentioned in my introduction post, I absolutely LOVE all things makeup.

I didn't fall in love with the art of makeup until around 2013. This occurred shortly after graduating from college and becoming exposed to different makeup brands. It was not until recently that I made the decision to venture out and begin applying a full face of makeup. For the most part I've stuck with doing eyebrows, light eyeshadow and eyeliner. Now I've branched out into wearing foundation, lipsticks and even lashes. So, let's get into this week's look:

The look you see was a 'just because' face and I've been working diligently on perfecting the “cut crease” technique (that small section in the fold of the upper eyelid). I've listed the products I used for inquiring minds and if any of you beautiful readers have suggestions on ways I can improve my overall face and application techniques, please feel free to comment.

20180101_141731 (1).jpg

By no means am I a makeup professional -- I didn't go to school for it, but I like to try my hand at varying makeup techniques. That being said, all you MUAs out there, be nice!


Here's how I created this look: 

I start off with a freshly washed face, clean, and then apply a face primer or a pore eraser (product list below). I apply foundation to my entire face and then, using the dipbrow pomade, draw on my eyebrows. I use a mix of the listed concealers to clean up my brows and use enough product to cover my lid to act as an eyeshadow primer.

I apply the base eyeshadow to the lid and then, using the same concealer mix, apply concealer to my eyelid ONLY. This is essentially “cutting your crease” -- giving that dramatic transition from the crease of your eye to the eyelid.

After cutting the crease, I apply eyeshadow to the lid where I applied the concealer -- along with liquid eyeliner, white liner on my waterline, mascara and false lashes.

After I finish with my eyes, I then highlight and contour. Some people highlight/contour their entire face. For this look and the majority of my makeup, I only apply the concealer mix to highlight under my eye and contour the cheekbones. I sometimes apply a gold shimmer highlight to the cheek area and use a loose powder to lock everything in place. However, for this particular look, loose powder wasn't used.


Morphe Vegan Brush Set for application

Morphe 350 Palette

ELF liquid eyeliner in Black

Maybelline Scandal Eyes Mascara

Eylure Lashes No. 126

Salon Perfect Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown (Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart!)

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee and Toast (I mix these)

20180101_142132 (1).jpg

NYX pencil in White for Waterline



Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

MAC liquid foundation in NC 50

Makeup Revolution Contour Palette

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee and Toast (I use for highlight)

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette for highlight



NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Club Hopper

NYX Liquid Lingerie Lipstick in Ruffle Trim


The Cut Crease

Here is a more dramatic cut crease. 

I hope you've enjoyed my first dive into our Let's Be Creative section of the site (coming soon).