Good Eats


My vacation to Mexico was probably one of the best vacays that I have ever taken.

It was during this trip that I met some of the most amazing and influential women ever! We still travel together and keep in touch with each other as often as possible while still allowing ourselves to lead the lives that we were leading prior to meeting.

But, anyways, let’s get into some pictures from this vacation! 🏝


I booked through Costco Travel which was amazing throughout the whole process.

It was literally so easy to book that I did it while at work. I went onto Costco Travel, decided the days that I would go, and booked the trip within about 15 minutes.

Yes, this was an impulse buy, and No, I do not regret it!


After two flights, we finally touched down in Mexico!

Costco Travel provided for transfers in the package so we simply waited for our bus which took us to the resort.

We were greeted at the resort with champagne, a cold eucalyptus towel, and delicious humidity.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

This was the exquisite all-inclusive resort with food and drinks galore, and beautiful views!

While there, we enjoyed:

Morning Yoga

Virgin Piña Coladas

The Rec Center/Gym

Water Volleyball

Water Aerobics

The Sun

Multiple Infinity Pools

Tranquil Waters


Good Vibes!



I have no clue what you could be waiting for to book your trip, but, summer is near, so book away!

Vacay is calling. 🏝