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CII: Anise, Hard As Dips Nail Polish (Product Review)

Let’s be honest about the NEW Anise Hard As Dips, acrylic-like nail polish:

I’ve been a regular at the nail shop since high school. I usually get a full set with fiber glass and gel polish. But, during bar prep, I definitely was not going to spend an hour plus at the nail shop once every two weeks just to get my nails done!

So, I took a break. And, now that I’m back to life a little bit, I was thinking about whether I should go back to allowing others to care for my nails, or if I should start to try and care for them myself.

Now, of course I can’t give myself a full set and make it look like a “professional” did it, but I can get good tools and paint them to the best of my ability. I can even pretend like they are better than they actually are since they are the fruits of my labor. 😉

AND that’s where Anise comes in! I saw these while out shoe shopping with my sister so I picked them up to test them out.

I mean, if your product says that it lasts for 16 days and is as hard as dipping your nails, then I have to test that out! The odds of finding a gem that actually does what this polish suggests are slim so I had to make sure I didn’t miss it!



Unfortunately, it does not!

I put the polish and it’s top coat on around Sunday and it was chipped and peeling by Friday (a 5 day turnaround). So, no it does not last for 16 days as it suggests.

It also does not harden, nor does it feel like your nails are protected like they do when they are dipped. It honestly just feels like a regular nail polish. It’s not as dull in color as a regular nail polish but it is definitely closer to a regular nail polish than a gel polish.


This is what my nails were looking like midweek and I have to admit that I truly love the color. It’s a very close match to Passion by OPI which is my all time favorite nail color, next to black.

But, if you’re purchasing the product because you truly think that it’ll last, DON’T BECAUSE IT WON’T. If you’re buying it because you simply want a nice soft pink like this one, then definitely go for it because their color range is very nice!

Given that I like the colors, I’d definitely buy this product again, but I am happy to know the truth about its longevity, or lack thereof.


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