C: #BlogHER, Influencers Summit!

The BlogHer Influencer’s Summit is around the corner! For those who don’t know, this is an annual event for female content creators.

It features motivating and inspiring speakers, fun engagement activities and the opportunity to meet content creators from around the globe!

The Speaker’s Hall of Fame is impressive in and of itself and includes names like: Serena Williams, Barack Obama, Gabrielle Union, Maria Menounos, and so many more!

Ah, what the heck, I can show you better than I can tell you!


This is literally the event to be at if you are in the content creation world. WE ARE 28 DAYS AWAY and I am so sad to be missing out on this event. BUT, next year, time, money and patience permitting, I will be in full attendance.

I’m so ready to network with other creators who know what it’s like to consistently do what they love [and what they want] regardless of it others read it, like it or love it. I’m ready to be around people who know what it’s like to build a family of readers who care about the content and wait for a new post each week!

#BlogHer! I won’t meet you in Brooklyn, New York this year, but I will definitely meet you next year!

XCII: This Or That? - [Un]Popular Opinion

Alright! Let’s talk about it:


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I’m from the west coast but Shake Shack > In-N-Out any day!  

Can we talk about flavor, savor, and the full package? Shake Shack has got it all! I usually go for ShackBurger, Bacon Cheese Fries and a shake, but the whole menu is literally delicious!

Although In-N-Out is good, there are many who simply HATE the fries, or they don’t like that, many times, the drinks seem a bit flat. But in all of my experience with Shake Shack, I haven’t had one bad batch of fries nor have I had one flat drink. All experiences have been good!

So, it’s Shake Shack all day for me! Yummmmmm…


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Even though Hulu has gems like Living Single, I definitely watch Netflix way more!

I can’t say that it’s because Netflix has anything special, but I do enjoy a lot of the shows that I wouldn’t have otherwise found (like Master of None).

So, it’s Netflix > Hulu all day.


I’ve had both, so I can honestly say that I like the flexibility of the Dell. You can buy apps without paying extreme prices in the App Store and you just have more freedom on Dells while Apple tries to get money from its consumers in any area possible.

I do prefer Macbooks over Dells, but I will say that the storage on MacBooks suck!

As for Dells, my old Dell literally went off one day and just never came back on. That hasn’t happened with my MacBook, so…

MacBook > Dell!


I mean, really, this is a question of person and patience.

Since my hair has always been short and kinky, I guess I prefer shorter hair, but I’m also not opposed to long hair. I even keep my hair in a protective style that is long, so I honestly cannot choose between the two.

But, living in Cali, I wouldn’t be shocked if people preferred shorter hair during these hot summers, and longer hair during the lukewarm winters.

Short Hair > Long Hair.


I’ve had both natural and relaxed hair and I must say that they are BOTH a ton of work. My mom started relaxing my hair when I was younger just because it made her life a bit easier.

I have thick, course, 4C natural hair with tight kinks and coils, so I completely get her needing a break from trying to comb through that mess.

As I got older, I decided to grow it out and cut off all of the relaxed hair. I have since had nothing but natural hair that is neither tamed nor trained. I keep it in protective styles just because it makes my life easier and I love it.

Natural > Relaxed Hair for me!


I love my alone time indoors, but, being outdoors when the weather is perfect is simply perfect.

One thing that I can truly appreciate about living in California is that the amount of simply beautiful days that you get far outnumber the amount of doom-and-gloom days.

So it’s definitely…

Outdoors > Indoors for me.


There was a time when home workouts were my sole source of a workout, and then summer came.

It just got to be way too hot for me to workout in my apartment, so I switched over to the gym. Now, it’s not to say that you can’t stay home, get a full body workout, and not hotbox yourself to death in your home with sweat and body heat, but this is just to say that I couldn’t anymore.

Although going to a gym comes with driving and potentially having to interact with people, I think I’m at a point where I can get a better workout by being in a gym.

Gym > Home Workout!


Now, I do feel as though Nike has a bigger selection than Under Armour, but I enjoy looking at men who can pull off a nice Under Armour workout outfit too. 👀

I mean, I guess I should make this post useful and pick which brand I, as a fit woman, prefer huh? Okay, how about…

Nike > Under Armour 🤷🏾‍♀️And this is just because I have way more experience with Nike than I do with Under Armour. This is subject to change. Everyone is coming for Nike these days…


I’ve always been a Nike girl. I like their shoes, their clothes, their coats, etc. But I did try out GymShark and thoroughly enjoy the fit of some of their styles.

If I had to discuss any negatives about the two then:

Nike - Price and I mean, really, that’s it.

Gymshark - Not all styles are great quality (i.e. the new energy line is thin and just not worth it) and it’s hit or miss depending on what you buy.

Nike is more of a surefire shot while Gymshark is taking a gamble. I’d say that if you actually workout during your workouts and aren’t just at the gym taking selfies and doing squats, then maybe lean more towards Nike. But, if you’re there for the looks, then Gymshark all the way.

For this post, it’s going to have to be Nike > Gymshark.


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Since I’m already addicted, I’m going to side with coffee in this debate.

There are times where tea is totally my first choice (like when I’m sick), but the thing that I go for when I wake up is always coffee.

I’m currently obsessed with Peet’s Coffee’s Major Dickason’s Blend which is a yummy dark roast that has just the right amount of flavor and boldness for my little papillae to enjoy.


I’ve honestly never seen Parks and Rec, so The Office all day!


I used to make it a point to drive an hour and a half to attend Soulcycle.

I just had to attend the class taught by Devin, one of the coolest people that I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet, and such an inspiration during every workout.


Since, I have to choose my preference, I’m going to go with running! The times that I can’t make it to Soulcycle, but try to cycle on my own, completely suck. Without the Soulcycle atmosphere, I just don’t push myself the same, it’s not as much fun and my cycling workouts never pass the thirty minute mark.

But, when I run, I set the pace and I find it easier to focus on pushing myself. For some reason, I feel like I’m more in control of the workout when I run rather than when I cycle.

Running > Cycling


My vacation to Mexico was probably one of the best vacays that I have ever taken.

It was during this trip that I met some of the most amazing and influential women ever! We still travel together and keep in touch with each other as often as possible while still allowing ourselves to lead the lives that we were leading prior to meeting.

But, anyways, let’s get into some pictures from this vacation! 🏝


I booked through Costco Travel which was amazing throughout the whole process.

It was literally so easy to book that I did it while at work. I went onto Costco Travel, decided the days that I would go, and booked the trip within about 15 minutes.

Yes, this was an impulse buy, and No, I do not regret it!


After two flights, we finally touched down in Mexico!

Costco Travel provided for transfers in the package so we simply waited for our bus which took us to the resort.

We were greeted at the resort with champagne, a cold eucalyptus towel, and delicious humidity.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

This was the exquisite all-inclusive resort with food and drinks galore, and beautiful views!

While there, we enjoyed:

Morning Yoga

Virgin Piña Coladas

The Rec Center/Gym

Water Volleyball

Water Aerobics

The Sun

Multiple Infinity Pools

Tranquil Waters


Good Vibes!



I have no clue what you could be waiting for to book your trip, but, summer is near, so book away!

Vacay is calling. 🏝

LXXX:... Would I Have Any Regrets?

Life is unpredictable, and I oftentimes wonder if I’d have any regrets should I reach my last day.

Have I done everything that I’ve wanted? Did I say everything that I needed to everyone in my life? Did I love as hard as I could? And do the people that I love, appreciate, and admire know that I love, appreciate and admire them? 

Would I regret the fact that I haven’t even made it through half of my Bucketlist? Would I regret the fact that I have never found my passion?

I’ve always made it a point to try and live the life that I want. I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, I’ve used myself as a gauge for my progress and growth, and I’ve given my all to my friendships and relationships.

These are the things that I take the most pride in. But would others know that I’ve done all that I could to be a force for good in their lives? Would they know that I did all that I could to be the best friend, love, cousin, sister, daughter that I could possibly be? Would they know?

Would I feel that I’ve done all that I could in this life? Would I be able to say that I’ve touched enough lives? Have I been a good love to someone? Have I been a disappointment to someone? I have no clue, but there are a couple of things that I do know. 🤔

In this life, I’ve:

I: Seen Paris

II: Fallen In Love With Washington D.C.

III: Had Love, Many Times

🙄, Let’s be real! I’ve loved many times but was it returned? Obviously not considering the way they all go.

The goal is always to love and be loved, but Let’s Be Real, as we move more towards an easy and selfish existence, finding love is getting to be more and more impossible. People are there for the easy and fun part of the ride but they are gone the second things become work —- and this is definitely not love.

So, I doubt that I’ve experienced a returned or even real love, but I have definitely loved someone and there’s no greater [or scarier] feeling. 💕

IV: Had Bestfriends Galore

V: Eaten A Ton

VI: Seen Seattle

VII: Walked Through Huge Trees and Beautiful Snow In Virginia


VIII: Learned To Ride A Bike(Twice)/Longboard

Now, things with wheels, apart from cars, are obviously not for me, but I like getting out there and trying new things. And, who could’ve known that seeing new cities by bike or longboard could be so exciting?!

Now, things with wheels, apart from cars, are obviously not for me, but I like getting out there and trying new things. And, who could’ve known that seeing new cities by bike or longboard could be so exciting?!

IX: Been A Wrestler

X: Been/Am A Ballet Dancer

My secret love that no one gets to see me do. 😉  Sometimes you just need something that’s all yours.

My secret love that no one gets to see me do. 😉

Sometimes you just need something that’s all yours.

XI: Been To du mussée du Louvre

XII: Had Many Regrets

So many people that I regret associating with; so much love that I regret giving; and so much pain that I regret causing and so much pain that I regret giving my time. But, without any of these things, I wouldn’t have learned so many lessons.

I’ll keep the past regrets, but I’m definitely on a mission to do better ALWAYS.

This post is just a reminder to myself to always say what I feel, do what I want, and love as hard as I possibly can. A lot of things and people in this world have turned me off to love and friendship in general, but I know that my love is valuable, my friendship is one-of-a-kind, and I am hilarious to be around.

Those who have chosen to walk out of my life and/or treat me wrong have chosen to do so solely on their own. BUT I REFUSE TO LET THEM BE THE REASON THAT I LEAVE THIS WORLD WITH ANY REGRETS.

So, have I found my true love? No.

Have I effected the amount of change on this world that I set out to? No.

Have I found my passion yet? No.

But, have I traveled, loved, smiled, eaten, and been unapologetically me? Absolutely.

So basically, I would gladly leave this world with no regrets. I hope you all can say the same. 🖤

LXII: Making The Changes?

I have been wanting to make little changes to my diet, my physical fitness and my overall foodie lifestyle for a while.

My main concerns are the amount of processed foods that I still consume and the intense amount of sugar that I eat. Honestly, it slows me down, creates unwanted lumps and breakouts, and will eventually lead to horrible health defects later in life.

So, in this post, I am sharing a couple of the changes that I’ve been living with for the past month which I hope will become a permanent lifestyle change for me.

Let’s start with where I’m currently at with my food choices:


  • Fast Food

  • Big named processed foods

  • Enough Veggies

  • Seafood - Fish as an alternative to meats

  • Berries


  • Pasta

  • Bread

  • Sugar

  • Cheese/Dairy

  • Rice

THE Changes:

  1. Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting is exactly what it sounds like! It is not so much a diet as it is full scale monitoring of the periods of the day/night that you will consume food.

    My fasting starts at 7 pm and ends at 9 am. During that time, I do not eat anything at all. I drink a ton of water, however, which has only helped me since I didn’t drink enough water prior to my fast. And, when the morning hits, before my workout, I will have black coffee with a sweetener instead of sugar until 9 am where I usually have plain oatmeal with my choice of a fruit as a substitute for the usual sugar and butter that I would put in it.

  2. Big Diet Changes

    Changing my diet is hard for me. I love the foods that I love, so it’s just difficult to get to a point where I am eating exactly what I am supposed to be eating.

    But, I take it day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month. And in that, I take weeks off from eating things like: rice, sugar, bread and pasta during the month so that I can get used to living without these things.

    The ultimate goal here is to get rid of the sugars, rice, and bread, so hopefully pacing it out will get me to that point.

  3. Exercise

    I’ve always been big on exercise simply because it keeps me calm and sane, and frankly, it’s fun for me.

    But, now I figure that since I’ve implemented little changes to my diet, that I could also vamp up my workouts!

    I currently work out twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). Some days, it’s just something to fill in the time that I am not eating and other days it’s just a getaway.

    If I were to say that I have current “body goals”, then, you know, my goal would be Beyoncé (DUH!). Now, we have different body types but she eats so clean and exercises creating such a perfect balance that she can literally sing and dance a full 2 hour set night after night.

    If I have any goal for my body or my fitness, then Beyoncé is it. That stamina. That perfect tone to her muscles. Everything! Just goals.

My goal here is basically to not kill myself early on by indulging in foods that will only result in disease after disease. I wanted to make little healthy changes that I can take with me throughout the rest of my life and not just to have for this moment in time. I am making real lifestyle changes here starting with these three things, and I’m excited!

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