LXI: What Are My Initial Thoughts On Gymshark?


Black Friday created the perfect time for me to shop for new workout clothes!

I have been wanting to try Gymshark for the longest. I’ve seen ad after ad about their leggings and how great they are at creating the illusion of a sculpted, or shapely body.

Now, I’m normally a Nike or Ivy Park gal but I am always down to explore when it comes to my fitness gear. You never know where you’ll find a real gem. So, let’s get into these initial thoughts:


In my opinion, the shipping didn’t take long at all. Even with completing my order on Black Friday (a high demand day), my order shipped within a couple of days and was in the mailroom before I knew it.

Because I ordered on Black Friday, my shipping was completely free, which, 😍.


The items are nicely packaged in something like a plastic protectant, and this is all placed within another Gymshark shipping sleeve (depending on the size of the package).

They definitely make it to where your items won’t be damages in transit! Overall, I think the packaging is simplistic and very cute!


So, my issue with finding the right workout pants (not so much tops) is that my thighs are the biggest part of my body (and maybe my shoulders — they’re pretty massive also).

Because my thighs are so big, I usually have to go up in sizing which means that I suffer when it comes to the waistband.

I ordered a Small because they are somewhat high-waisted and Flex material and I’ve found that I actually should have just grabbed an Extra Small (which I’m usually opposed to buying) to meet my waist needs.

Because they have such a good flex material, you can definitely afford to go a size smaller so that they don’t slide down as you work out, so my next pair will definitely be smaller.

But, when ordering their pants that aren’t flex material, I may struggle a bit with finding the right size so there will definitely be a Part Two to this post after I order their Asymmetric Leggings.


The ultimate test would have to be how they managed my sweat during and after my workout.

Now I’m usually super opposed to buying lighter colored workout pants because I sweat so much during my workouts and it shows. But these pants have this drying component to them that keeps them super dry and wicks the moisture as you sweat.

So, my sweat didn’t seep through and wasn’t stuck to me throughout my workout!

Overall, because these are a bit cheaper than Ivy Park and Nike, I think that Gymshark has a new customer in me (& they offer a student discount)!