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LIX: Bree's Christmas List! (2018 Edition)

Christmas is coming for us all! 🎄

There are Christmas decorations everywhere, Starbucks has slapped us in the face with these red cups, Mariah Carey is screaming at us about what she wants for Christmas, and for some reason my bank account isn’t what it used to be…

But, with my favorite holiday just around the corner, I figured I’d throw more Christmas at you lovely readers by posting my Christmas list!

  1.  I really want an Air Fryer!

    These gems were on sale on Thanksgiving but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Funny thing is, if it were for someone else, I would have bought it without hesitation, but for me, neh.

  2. A Necklace/Ring.

    So, I love jewelry, and I especially love jewelry during the holidays because it is always on such a big sale. I normally snag a beautiful ring or two from JCPenney because they have a good line of fashion jewelry with small, cute diamonds. But, I am also into Mantrabands (No! Not because I am an Ambassador).

    I just like constant reminders that I am worthy, or beautiful, or other little motivating lines. You need that in this life for sure… & Jewelry is great at accomplishing this!

  3. Eloise At The Plaza or Eloise at Christmastime (DVD) — So, these are my go-to Christmas movies. I legit watch them every year around the holiday season, but somehow, I don’t have either of them on DVD. I Just catch them on television whenever they air, so I finally want these movies on DVD.

  4. Beats Headphones. Unfortunately, my Beats are on their last leg.

    I got them as a Christmas gift about 3 years ago and I’ve loved them! They have definitely helped me avoid so many conversations and interactions and, for that, I’m so grateful.

    I also need them for my workouts. And, I mean, I listen to music pretty much all day (on days that I can) and it keeps me sane. Beats just make the experience so much better because I love loud music with bass! 

  5. A Yankee Candle.

    So, I LOVE lighting candles in my apartment and just chilling in the living room.

    I think that Yankee Candles are so good  for the holidays (and really any day) and they are so beautifully packaged that they even serve as a nice decoration as well.


    Bonus gift for Bree:

  6. And, honestly Santa, or whoever is listening, I just want more good people in my life. People that I can learn from and also teach. People who will go that extra mile to stay in my life. People who care. People who are open to actually loving people. People who bring joy to my life, whose life I can bring joy to as well. And most of all, people who take the time to understand me. I am so tired of being misunderstood.

    I just want good people to go through this crazy life with… So, hopefully, the energy that I put out will be the energy that I receive because, on this new wave, I just need “all of the good things” in Jhene Aiko’s voice.  


So there you have it!

These are a couple of the things that I want for Christmas and, honestly, I felt like a kid again writing out a Christmas list!

Feel free to drop a couple of your Christmas wishes below!

Happy December!