LXXVI: Things To Remember For Your Next Interview?

Interviewing can be monotonous, boring, intimidating, scary, or fun. But, no matter which direction your interview may go, there are a couple of things worth remembering:


Don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy of your resumé. Bring extras!

Super self-explanatory, but definitely take that extra two seconds and use that resumé paper to make yourself look even better. Print it out and bring it along for extra luck and confidence just in case they ask.


Remember that you are being interviewed from the moment you step through the door up until the moment that you leave.

Even if you are in a waiting room, keep your electronics out of the interview. You’ve made it through the door, so you’re no longer waiting for that call. Put your phone away for an hour (I promise you won’t die without it) and flourish during this interview!


It’s always best to practice answering interview questions prior to getting to the interview.

Nerves will kick in no matter what, but still, practice, practice, practice!

Going over interview questions is the monotonous part of the interviewing process. You go over the, “Why would you like to work here”, the “What are your strengths/weaknesses”, and the “Do you have any questions for us” so that its not a jumble of words once you’re in action.


For me, it’s best to be yourself!

Although the vast majority of the world lives in a constant state of fake-it-til-you-make-it, I believe that you get further in life by simply being yourself. I mean, the alternative is having to pretend to be that fake, made up person until the day you quit or are questioned.

Even though I am often awkward and overly honest, these are things that have worked for me (not with people but definitely with employers). Being yourself make it to where there is one less thing to worry about during your interview.



Not awkwardly, but pleasantly. For some reason, a smile helps employers get a grasp on what you will bring to the work aesthetic that they’ve already got going. Sometimes the hard lined frowner is not what the employer needs to get the job done, so turn that frown upside down and smile it out!

Now, these aren’t the only things that should be considered while interviewing, but they are definitely a couple of things that shouldn’t be forgotten.

With that, knock em’ dead & get that job.

Best of luck to those currently on the job hunt!