Combination Skin

XCVIII: Mented Cosmetics, What's REALLY Good?

I guess that it’s about time I give Mented Cosmetics a try. I’ve seen ad after ad for their products, but when they made blushes (especially one that came in an orange shade) I could not pass up the chance to give them a try.

So, I got as close to a full face as I could and ended up with:

  1. Skin by Mented Foundation in M30 ($40) W| Foundation Brush

  2. Blush in Peach For The Stars ($22)

  3. Lip Liners: Pretty in Pink and Mented Night ($12)

  4. 3 Semi-Matte Lipsticks (3/$24)

  5. 1 Matte Lipstick ($18)

  6. 1 lipgloss in Send Nudes ($15)

  7. 1 Foundation Finder (Free)



Dope Taupe, Nude La La, Mented #5, and Pretty In Pink are semi-matte lipsticks (except Pretty in Pink) with a mixture of browns and pinks to create the shockingly perfect nudes for women of color.

These are paraben-free, cruelty free, non-toxic, vegan and blendable lipsticks with a smooth formula.

They come in matte as well as semi-matte formulas and many of them have matching liners!

I love these lipsticks, but the matte shades are my absolute fav!


Lip Liners

The lip liners are my least favorite. Anytime the lip liner differs from a pencil, I struggle.

This is a retractable lip liner which, I’m sure, is handy for a lot of people, but I suppose I’m a bit heavy handed so anytime that I attempt to apply these they just break off.

Since I lack in the patience area, I just choose to go with different lip liners, but I am sure that there is someone out there who swears by these (maybe even for the color options alone).


Foundation (M30)

So far, I’ve tried M30, D20, and D30, and I have not found a perfect match in these foundation choices.

D30 was too dark for me, D20 was potentially a good color but had strong olive undertones (which I like but not in excess). So, M30 is about as close as I’ve come to a good match thus far. When I do a soft contour, the foundation looks fine and skin-like. It actually sits on your skin for a while and then takes on a skin-like form which was amazing to me.

The foundation is a creamy formula. It has a hydrating compound that gives you a good base to build your make up on, but may be a struggle for those with oily skin as it is definitely more of a cream than a matte-like foundation.

BUT, this foundation brush is a major key! I love the fluff of this brush and how it works with products whether they’re cream, powder or liquid products. So even if you don’t go for the foundation and foundation brush bundle, you should definitely just pick up the foundation brush!



I tend to run towards all earthy tones when it comes to my make up, so usually, when I’m looking for a blush, the blush will be closer to an earthy color than an orange.

BUT, Orange is one of my favorite colors and I always buy orange eyeshadows and, now, blushes!


When brands make a line of BLUSHES that come in different colors, I definitely believe that, IF THEY ARE GOING TO ADD SHIMMER, then they should provide one option with shimmer and one without (or just advertise the blushes as bronzers and move on 🤷🏾‍♀️).

Long story short, I would love it if this orange blush came sans the shimmer. But I’m still going to wear it, shimmer and all.

Overall, I love the products that I got (for the most part) and will definitely be ordering more. I currently have the Mented x ABF bronzer palette in my shopping cart as well as Red & Butter Matte Lipstick, so I will be posting about this brand again and may even record a full faced look using Mented Cosmetics products 🤔 because I hear that their eyeshadow palette is another best-seller.

In all, I am super impressed and look forward to reviewing more colors and more items!


LXXXIX: Why Does My Face Hate Everything?


I’ve been suffering from the same breakout since mid-February.

Now that I’ve rid myself of those annoying stressors, I need to rid myself of this annoying breakout. So, I decided to try The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line.

This line was talked about alongside Murad’s skincare collection which is what brought it to my attention. So, instead of getting my usual (Murad) I decided to try it out and here we are!

Let’s talk about it:


This was a vicious breakout and it was more aligned with the kind of breakout that I get during finals time each year, but has lasted much longer.  

Each pimple hurt like the Dickens and they left horrible dark spots when they’d finally decided to go away (if they decided to go away).

Again, I’m used to getting breakouts around finals time, but they usually don’t hurt as much and they don’t leave my skin damaged once they’ve gone away.  

So, I decided to try a strong product that would quickly get rid of the breakout and blemishes. Another plus, for me, with this product was the fact that they also promised to help mattify the skin as it cleared it. Big bonus for me since I have combination (dry-to-oily skin), right?!



So, I decided to get the whole shebang which came with the following:

  1. A Skin Clearing Facial Wash (8.4 fl oz)

  2. A Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner (8.4 fl oz)

  3. Tea Tree Oil (.33 fl oz)

  4. A Mattifying Lotion (1.69 fl oz)

  5. And, A Skin Clearing Clay Mask (3.85 oz)

(These products are listed in use order)



I used the products as instructed for two weeks before getting to the point of deciding whether or not the products were for me. Which they weren’t…

Now, I know that, for many, two weeks of product use is not a lot at all. But, for me and while dealing with my skin, two weeks is plenty of time.

I am used to using Murad which starts working on the second day of use, so that was the standard for me when I started this product.

Upon initial use, I did notice that it started to work quickly, but after about a week I also noticed that my skin was super dry, rough, and blemished. So this product has potential to work and it’s definitely filled with cleansing agents that get into the pores and clear them out. BUT, it’s like it leaves your skin dry, bruised and shriveled afterwards and I do not want that for myself.



I’m sure that, from reading, you can see where this post is going. I definitely stopped using these products, packed them back into the box and switched to water and moisturizing oils for a while to restore my skin.

I do want to say that I was shocked by how much of this product you get for such a good price ($39 USD). You get a lot of product with this purchase and, if this product goes well with your skin type, then I highly recommend that you invest in these products. But, for me, it just didn’t work.


In order to fix the blemishes and dark spots that have formed on my skin because of these products (in conjunction with my break out), I have just been using water to wash my face and I’ll occasionally use Garnier’s Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water to cleanse my face but apart from that, I’m currently not putting cleansers (medicated or otherwise) onto my face.

To help restore my skin, I’ve been using (and am obsessed with) Black Radiance’s Luminous Dry Oil Moisturizer which I LOVE — not just because of its ingredients but because of how it feels on my skin.

So, overall, I’m going to say that this line was NOT for me, but I’m sure that there are people out there who lean more towards oily skin who would love this product. But, if you have combination skin, this product may be too harsh for you.

Thanks for reading! 🖤

This is not a sponsored post.