LIX: Bree's Christmas List! (2018 Edition)

Christmas is coming for us all! 🎄

There are Christmas decorations everywhere, Starbucks has slapped us in the face with these red cups, Mariah Carey is screaming at us about what she wants for Christmas, and for some reason my bank account isn’t what it used to be…

But, with my favorite holiday just around the corner, I figured I’d throw more Christmas at you lovely readers by posting my Christmas list!

  1.  I really want an Air Fryer!

    These gems were on sale on Thanksgiving but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Funny thing is, if it were for someone else, I would have bought it without hesitation, but for me, neh.

  2. A Necklace/Ring.

    So, I love jewelry, and I especially love jewelry during the holidays because it is always on such a big sale. I normally snag a beautiful ring or two from JCPenney because they have a good line of fashion jewelry with small, cute diamonds. But, I am also into Mantrabands (No! Not because I am an Ambassador).

    I just like constant reminders that I am worthy, or beautiful, or other little motivating lines. You need that in this life for sure… & Jewelry is great at accomplishing this!

  3. Eloise At The Plaza or Eloise at Christmastime (DVD) — So, these are my go-to Christmas movies. I legit watch them every year around the holiday season, but somehow, I don’t have either of them on DVD. I Just catch them on television whenever they air, so I finally want these movies on DVD.

  4. Beats Headphones. Unfortunately, my Beats are on their last leg.

    I got them as a Christmas gift about 3 years ago and I’ve loved them! They have definitely helped me avoid so many conversations and interactions and, for that, I’m so grateful.

    I also need them for my workouts. And, I mean, I listen to music pretty much all day (on days that I can) and it keeps me sane. Beats just make the experience so much better because I love loud music with bass! 

  5. A Yankee Candle.

    So, I LOVE lighting candles in my apartment and just chilling in the living room.

    I think that Yankee Candles are so good  for the holidays (and really any day) and they are so beautifully packaged that they even serve as a nice decoration as well.


    Bonus gift for Bree:

  6. And, honestly Santa, or whoever is listening, I just want more good people in my life. People that I can learn from and also teach. People who will go that extra mile to stay in my life. People who care. People who are open to actually loving people. People who bring joy to my life, whose life I can bring joy to as well. And most of all, people who take the time to understand me. I am so tired of being misunderstood.

    I just want good people to go through this crazy life with… So, hopefully, the energy that I put out will be the energy that I receive because, on this new wave, I just need “all of the good things” in Jhene Aiko’s voice.  


So there you have it!

These are a couple of the things that I want for Christmas and, honestly, I felt like a kid again writing out a Christmas list!

Feel free to drop a couple of your Christmas wishes below!

Happy December!

LIV: Why Am I So Afraid Of My Favorite Season (The Holiday Season)?

I love the holidays so much.

But, I have such a fear of spending the holidays alone. I can’t tell you why I have this fear since every year (especially while in a relationship), I end up on my couch, drinking wine and watching Eloise At The Plaza or Les Miserables completely alone.

The hopeless romantic in me starts picturing it differently every year starting before Halloween, and here’s what the hopelessly romantic Bree creates:

Given that I normally travel during the holidays, I picture myself and my spouse in a different city where there’s a brisk chill and lots of layers.

We run out into the rain, or snow, to stock up on movie snacks, hot cocoa/tea and movies that can be enjoyed together in our matching PJs.

Of course the hotel that we’re staying at has an amazing view of some of the most beautiful Christmas lights you’ll ever see, so we have the curtains drawn on the big beautiful windows.

We cozy up on the couch nearest the window in our PJs and house shoes, cups in hand and just look gratefully into each others eyes. Happy to spend such an important day with each other… Feeling like, even if it isn’t so, we are everything that we need…

That night is full of laughs, warmth, cuddles, food and love… That’s what I imagine for the holidays.

But, let’s do an expectations vs. reality deal here! My expectation looks GREAT for the older, more settled in version of Bree (after elevating my circle, settling comfortably into a job that I love, and a bit of solo travel)!

My reality each year usually isn’t anything like this however. Even when I was in a relationship during the holiday season, my significant other was either overseas in the military (good excuse) or, for other exes, somewhere being selfish and cheating (not gonna lie). This could have easily created another reason why I fear my favorite season altogether (you know, it being a constant reminder of my life’s patterns...), but I digress…

Luckily for me, I usually get the chance to celebrate early with my family alongside my 4 brothers and sisters! Do you know how many cuddles you can get when you have that many siblings! 

So I may not have experienced my perfect ‘The Holiday’ Holiday, but I usually have a great one anyway, so bring on my favorite time of year!

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A Little Christmas Fun For Everyone?

Happy Christmas to all!

Because I am so against flooding social media during the holidays instead of flooding your family members with love, I've decided to keep this week's post fun, short, and sweet.

This week, I am posting 25 questions that the ladies of Let's Be Breef will answer simply and honestly. I have placed a letter next to each question so that the readers know who is responding to what. (B) is for Brianna J., (A) is for Anete, and (N) is for Nicole. So, try not to judge us for whatever happens next: 

1. What is your favorite past time? (N)


2. What is your favorite color? (A)

Red, with purple as a close second. 

3. Whales or Llamas? (N)


4. Favorite Movie? (B)

Peter Pan, Wolverine, & Les Miserables. I cannot pick just one. 

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be? (N)


6. Favorite movie snack? (A)

Popcorn, of course!

7. Make-up "must have(s)"? (A)

Mascara and lipstick. Even on a plain-face day, they bring life into your look. 

8. What is your shoe size? (B)

Huge. Just kidding, but not really! I wear a 10 in Nine West heels (my go to heels), and a 9.5 in Vans, Nikes, and Timberlands. Those are basically the only shoes that I wear, so I have no clue about my sizing with other shoe types. 

9. Vogue or Elle? (N)


10. Favorite clothing brand? (B)

Worthington at JC Penney's, Old Navy, and Zara. 

11. Guilty Pleasure? (A)

Reading smutty romance novels.

12. Marriage and kids vs. Single and career? (N)

Marriage and kids.

13. Big house vs. little house? (A)

Somewhere in the middle, but more on the little side. I want my house to feel like a home, not a museum. 

14. Future son and daughter names? (B)

Jazale Lynn ___ & Joel Kylo Kendricks ___.

15. Hard wood floors or carpet? (N)

Hardwood floors.

16. Dream destination? (B)

Anywhere, I just like to take in new surroundings, new people and new things.

17. What podcast are you currently obsessed with? (A)

I'm not really a podcast person, but "Serial" was a good one. 

18. What book are you currently reading? (N)

The Bible. 

19. Best movie this year? (B)

The Greatest Showman, hands down. 

20. Song/playlist of the year? (B)

21. Favorite TV show? (B)

Living Single, I am pretty sure that I am Maxinne Shaw.

22. Michael Jackson or Prince? (B)

Both, I win.

23.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (A)

My penchant for overthinking everything and second-guessing my decisions.

24. What do you want for Christmas? (B)

To eat, smile, and spend time with family. 

25. Favorite Star Wars Movie? (B)

Episode Two - Attack of the Clones

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Holidays to you all!