LXIV: Situational Self Worth?

I learned my self-worth long ago. No, it didn’t come from loving someone else. It didn’t come from being hurt by anyone. It came from being alone with myself.

I learned myself best while I was at my favorite park, running up and down my favorite trail that is a measly 2.1 miles coming and going.

I learned my self-worth around the year 2014. I learned that what I bring to other people’s lives is something that they don’t too often get. I learned that I am a type of loyal that many people cannot muster up the honesty to be. I’ve learned that my heart is huge if you’re ever lucky enough to get past the part of me that probably doesn’t even want to talk to you.

Honestly, I know that I’m flawed, but also know that I’m poppin’. I know that I am super impatient, but also worth whatever the wait is. I know that when I come into someone’s life, my goal is always to leave them better than when I found them.


With each situation (whether it be a friendship or a relationship), you have to measure what that person gives against what you deserve to receive from them.

Situational self-worth is exactly that — making sure that, in each situation you’re pushed into, fall into, stumble into or put yourself into, the other person involved is giving you what you know you deserve and vice versa.

 If you both are empty cups trying to feed each other’s souls, you’ll both stay at the bottom where you’ve been. But if you have worked, over time, to fill your cup spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, then when you cross paths with that person who has as well it’ll be the perfect balance.

Where you lack, they’ll fill in. Where they lack, you’ll fill in.  

So this post is just a short note-to-self: in every situation you must measure; you must ensure that your cup is not empty; and, you must make sure that this new person is worth sharing the contents of your overfilled cup.  

Situational self worth is real. Check yours…

Know yourself, know your worth...
— Drake