LXXXVII: Popular Shopping Sites — Waste or Worth It?

Let’s start with the most popular:



Waste, or Worth It?

Honestly, FashionNova is worth it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that everything that you purchase from this site will be golden and great, but it does mean that, for what you pay, you get a fair deal.

A lot of the things that I buy from FashionNova work for me and I enjoy knowing that I have a go-to place to buy jeans!  

Now, I don’t have the typical FashionNova big hips, big butt body, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle when it comes to buying jeans. This site just seems to have put that struggle a bit on ease.  

FashionNova is definitely worth it. 



Not worth it at all.

I think that they just take pictures of clothing from other sites and then sell the item on their site.

Now, this is fine because someone has to buy from someone else to keep consumerism going, but the quality also has to be there. For Venus, I am not so sure that the quality is there.

Now, there was a black and white dress that I made work for a while, but I feel as though I put in more work on the dress then Venus did (which should never be the case).

I’d say that this site is a waste.  

Pretty Little Thing


If you can get past the display of this site to the actual clothing, then you are automatically less neurotic than I am!

In my opinion, the display of the site is a tinge off and it’s hard for me to get past that part! 

But, overall, PLT is definitely a hit or miss site when it comes to buying clothing. So many people have good luck when purchasing from PLT but I just haven’t. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

Ah well, maybe it’s not for me? But this brand is certainly not one that I like. 

Let’s call this one a waste also.  

Romwe/Linkshe/Chic Me/Shein 

Now, these sites all pretty much have a huge overlap when it comes to the products that they offer. But, they also have amazing dresses!

They are definitely “buy at your own risk” dresses, but they’re dresses nonetheless.

These sites potentially just stroll on over to a warehouse, load up on dresses and get ready to sell them, so I’d be cautious when purchasing from any of them.

I’d call these a collective waste, but that’s just me!

Now, I’ve said all of this to say that I definitely do not want to deter any business to these sites, so I encourage you all to check them out for yourself! But, sometimes it’s just good to have a bit of a warning.

Happy shopping! 🛍 💕🛍