XXI: Need a Hobby? So Do I.

Spring Break is officially over for the students of McGeorge School of Law. This means that, all of the fun that I had doing random things (and nothing), is over. But, I've decided that, in order to keep my sanity and peace of mind, I will pick up a hobby that keeps a smile on my face.  

Although my days are filled with all of the things that I should be doing, I long for a vice or a hobby most days. I've been trying to pick up new and different interests just to keep things spicy, but so far, I haven't found that one thing that adds a little zest to my life. As of right now I regularly workout, am a ballet dancer, and I work. 

What Am I looking for?

I am a visual perceiver first and foremost. I love to see things and that's how I connect with them. As someone who has had a difficult history and diagnoses surrounding their eyes and eyesight, I try not to take for granted the things that I see. Hence the photography obsession. 

So, in a hobby/vice, I am looking for something to "wow" me. I am looking for something so beautiful that I can't look away. And this doesn't have to be a picture or a sunset on a beach, it can be a show, a concert, or even a musical. Just something different. 

Another thing that I wouldn't mind adding to my list of regulars is something regarding food. I eat the same things over and over (and honestly I don't have a problem with it), but it would be great to be excited about new tastes, new flavors and beautiful plating. 

Why Now? 

Why am I looking for a hobby during the busiest part of the semester and of work? Because I am at the point in my law school career where I am no longer excited to spend days or even hours in the library. My attention span is now almost completely non-existent when it comes to sitting down and actually studying. And, as far as work is concerned, the piles are not going anywhere. No matter how hard I try, it is just not enough. 

So, it's my belief that a hobby would help to keep me motivated when the Self-Check doesn't fully reset me. 

So, What'll It Be?

That's the thing, I have no clue!

I think I will start by buying tickets to a couple of shows, and from there I will just be sure that I've attended, at least, one show per month. That should keep things spicy for now. 

Here are some of the tickets that I currently have:

Carmina Burana.jpg


Carmina Burana (Sacramento Ballet)



Giants vs. River Cats (Exhibition Game)

Finding Neverland (musical).jpg


Finding Neverland (Musical)

An American In Paris.jpg


An American In Paris (Broadway)



On The Run II Tour