XXII: What Are Your Top Five Classroom Pet Peeves?

As a law student who experiences irritation on a regular basis, I thought it'd be fun to list a couple of classroom annoyances. I spend a good chunk of my life (for now) in a classroom or at work, so why not complain about it?

Number 1: The loud chewer

Beyonce cheweing.gif

You know, the person that basically waits until class starts to eat...

I cannot lie, this is usually me, but I try to step outside to eat when I know it'll be loud. 

Either way, nobody wants to hear the chewage especially if you aren't sharing, so pass the peas or wait until after class. 


Number 2: The loud typer


There's always one person in the class that types as though they've just discovered the cure to cancer. 

Now, if you did, then that's amazing! But since I know that you did not, I'd like for you to learn to introduce your fingers to the keys of the keyboard on your laptop in a more polite manner.


Number 3: the person that can't keep the facts, the facts

I get it, we all want to be the most creative law students. But, when the professor gives us a set of facts and you change them just so that you can know the answer, you only confuse everyone else.

So, stop it.


Number 4: the know-it-all


You know what? In law school, I actually enjoy this person. 

For many law school classes, the professors teach using the Socratic method which means that they'll lob a question or a hypothetical to you randomly and you'd better have the answer. But, when the know-it-alls are enthusiatic about answering, the professor won't tell them 'no!' They'll let them answer which saves me from being called on.

Thank you, know-it-alls. Y'all are the real MVPs. 

Number 5: The Outside-the-boxer

Kevin Hart.gif

These are the people that get a normal hypothetical and take it to unknown, unimaginable lengths. 

Their thinking seems so twisted that you forget what class you're in! I love these people in everyday conversations, but, in a classroom (where I am usually already confused) you just add to the confusion.

Save that creativity for later, my friend.