LXXIII: Brown Estate Vineyard

Black-Owned Business Alert!


Brown Estate Vineyard is located in Napa, CA and was established in 1995. It is the first and only Black-owned winery in Napa. The land was bought in 1980 when it was initially cultivated for growing viniferous grapes. By 1995, the idea was sparked to turn those grapes into wine, and so the first Brown Zin was created for public consumption… From there, the sky was obviously the limit!

My Aunt was raving about “the walls that have legends on them”, so we went on a mini search for them and found them in the bathroom! Of all places… 🤷🏾‍♀️

These are just a couple of the pics that she snapped from that little restroom visit.

Now, in addition to these very cool illustrations, the decor at Brown Estates is completely decked out in earthy tones of browns, blacks and darkish teals which I, personally, L O V E.


On either ends of the upstairs sitting rooms are bars. One, a marble top bar (as seen above), and the other a dark top facing a beautiful black and white abstract three-pieced painting (as shown below).

Overall, the feel is deep, dark and rustic. I love the brick walls to one side, and the deep blue modern walls to the right. Add to that, the matching decor: against the brick walls are cozy couches and separate chairs; and against the blue wall is a dark brown picnic-style table with a side bench and a stool option.


This cheese board was amazing! To the far left is a house marmalade which is a perfect pair with the light and airy cheese-based cookie-like crackers next to it.

There’s a goat cheese as well as a gouda (which I thoroughly enjoyed). And another gem from this board are the greenish cookies that you see on the end. These bad boys have the richest flavor and it’s probably because the recipe has red wine in it!

The cheese boards definitely have more to offer, so excuse my brevity, but I encourage you to get up and go test this one out yourselves.


This short post definitely doesn’t do this place justice, so you should really just schedule your visit today!