LXV: If I Could Choose Five Superpowers... ?

Alright, if I could choose five superpowers (not to be had at the same time), then I would choose:


First and foremost, I need to be able to enjoy all of the food that my eyes can see! I don’t want to keep dealing with this whole ‘getting full’ thing and then not being able to eat anymore. That’s annoying.

So my first superpower will be a never-ending appetite and tank to hold it!

Now, this sounds very selfish, I know! There’s no way to save people by just allowing me to eat and eat and eat. But let’s think this through guys! Maybe I could help good restaurants from wasting food at the end of the night (but not really because I’d only want fresh food)…

Yeah, that’s probably a bad one, but still my number one choice!


I already do my best to live my life like I am invisible.

I walk around with noise-canceling Beats headphones and dark sunglasses so that people know that I am not approachable. I want to just be and not be bothered!

So, I think that this would be an excellent power for me. That way I can turn it off and turn it on whenever I choose — you know how somedays you want to be super social, and other days you’re just over it all. So, this option would be amazing.


Now, I don’t think that anyone can handle being me, so I definitely don’t want to switch lives with anyone that I know personally. Honestly, who is better than I am at being me? No one!

Who I wouldn’t mind becoming though, are those people who are completely killing it! I want to see the types of thought processes that create some of the genius work that some of these people have. I want to see where your mind has to go before you can create such amazing things.

With this, if I’m transforming/switching places, then I’m only doing it with a Beyoncé, a Michelle Obama, an Oprah, a Shuri, a Queen Latifah, etc.


I would love it if I could just remove certain people from being around me at any given time.

If I’m sitting down somewhere minding my own business and they come around being obnoxious or otherwise vexing, then I need to be able to raise that forcefield which so happens to push them from my area to an area much further away.

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable power at all. I think it’s a great one!


I would take the power of not feeling over any other power, any day!

A lot of times, feeling things hurts, so if I could rid myself of this for the rest of my life, I certainly would.

I know that a lot of growth and lessons come from pain, but I think that I’m at a point where I’ve definitely felt enough pain to have these lessons with me for a lifetime. No more for me, thanks!

So, those are my top choices of so-called superpowers! Tap into your imagination and let me know a few of yours!

LXIV: Situational Self Worth?

I learned my self-worth long ago. No, it didn’t come from loving someone else. It didn’t come from being hurt by anyone. It came from being alone with myself.

I learned myself best while I was at my favorite park, running up and down my favorite trail that is a measly 2.1 miles coming and going.

I learned my self-worth around the year 2014. I learned that what I bring to other people’s lives is something that they don’t too often get. I learned that I am a type of loyal that many people cannot muster up the honesty to be. I’ve learned that my heart is huge if you’re ever lucky enough to get past the part of me that probably doesn’t even want to talk to you.

Honestly, I know that I’m flawed, but also know that I’m poppin’. I know that I am super impatient, but also worth whatever the wait is. I know that when I come into someone’s life, my goal is always to leave them better than when I found them.


With each situation (whether it be a friendship or a relationship), you have to measure what that person gives against what you deserve to receive from them.

Situational self-worth is exactly that — making sure that, in each situation you’re pushed into, fall into, stumble into or put yourself into, the other person involved is giving you what you know you deserve and vice versa.

 If you both are empty cups trying to feed each other’s souls, you’ll both stay at the bottom where you’ve been. But if you have worked, over time, to fill your cup spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, then when you cross paths with that person who has as well it’ll be the perfect balance.

Where you lack, they’ll fill in. Where they lack, you’ll fill in.  

So this post is just a short note-to-self: in every situation you must measure; you must ensure that your cup is not empty; and, you must make sure that this new person is worth sharing the contents of your overfilled cup.  

Situational self worth is real. Check yours…

Know yourself, know your worth...
— Drake

LXIII: How's Your Digestive System?

I surely hope that you all are digesting foods much better than I am!

I literally feel my food sitting, what feels like, on top of my tummy for hours while waiting for it to digest. This is one of the most uncomfortable feelings I’ve ever had. It keeps me awake feeling bloated and miserable for hours after eating which sucks because I like to go to the gym at night, and I also eat my biggest meals at night.

Thankfully, there are things that can be done and changes that can be made to assist my overworked digestive system:


  • Sometimes your body just needs a little assistance when it comes to processing which is where probiotics come in and save the day.

  • NatureMade Probiotics offer your body the “good” bacteria needed to process/break down your foods after big meals.

A Balanced Diet

  • These days, it’s hard to understand what it actually means to have a balanced diet, but…

  • A balanced diet is simply giving your body the essential: nutrients, fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins and grains for healthy functioning.


  • We all know that diet and exercise go hand and hand, but…

  • Did you know that exercise actually helps with digestion?

  • When you’re fit, your digestive system is strengthened by your exercise which essentially takes some of its work-load off. Strengthening yourself by working out and staying fit actually strengthens your internal organs as well. That’s an added perk to working out that should be kept in mind.


  • Hydration is always key!

  • We’ve heard it our whole lives, “Drink 8 glasses of water a day”, which, in all honestly should merely be a starting point!

  • Making water one of the only things you that you drink would be an excellent, but understandably difficult, life change. But, it is definitely one worth trying to make.


  • Supplementing is, sometimes, the best way to go when you aren’t exactly sure what a balanced diet requires. Luckily for us, Target and Whole Foods have all the vitamins we could possibly need to assist in the areas that we may be lacking when it comes to fruits and vegetables.


  • Although I can write a post and include as many little tidbits about digestive health as I can without boring you, nothing is better than sitting down and educating yourself on it!

LXII: Making The Changes?

I have been wanting to make little changes to my diet, my physical fitness and my overall foodie lifestyle for a while.

My main concerns are the amount of processed foods that I still consume and the intense amount of sugar that I eat. Honestly, it slows me down, creates unwanted lumps and breakouts, and will eventually lead to horrible health defects later in life.

So, in this post, I am sharing a couple of the changes that I’ve been living with for the past month which I hope will become a permanent lifestyle change for me.

Let’s start with where I’m currently at with my food choices:


  • Fast Food

  • Big named processed foods

  • Enough Veggies

  • Seafood - Fish as an alternative to meats

  • Berries


  • Pasta

  • Bread

  • Sugar

  • Cheese/Dairy

  • Rice

THE Changes:

  1. Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting is exactly what it sounds like! It is not so much a diet as it is full scale monitoring of the periods of the day/night that you will consume food.

    My fasting starts at 7 pm and ends at 9 am. During that time, I do not eat anything at all. I drink a ton of water, however, which has only helped me since I didn’t drink enough water prior to my fast. And, when the morning hits, before my workout, I will have black coffee with a sweetener instead of sugar until 9 am where I usually have plain oatmeal with my choice of a fruit as a substitute for the usual sugar and butter that I would put in it.

  2. Big Diet Changes

    Changing my diet is hard for me. I love the foods that I love, so it’s just difficult to get to a point where I am eating exactly what I am supposed to be eating.

    But, I take it day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month. And in that, I take weeks off from eating things like: rice, sugar, bread and pasta during the month so that I can get used to living without these things.

    The ultimate goal here is to get rid of the sugars, rice, and bread, so hopefully pacing it out will get me to that point.

  3. Exercise

    I’ve always been big on exercise simply because it keeps me calm and sane, and frankly, it’s fun for me.

    But, now I figure that since I’ve implemented little changes to my diet, that I could also vamp up my workouts!

    I currently work out twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). Some days, it’s just something to fill in the time that I am not eating and other days it’s just a getaway.

    If I were to say that I have current “body goals”, then, you know, my goal would be Beyoncé (DUH!). Now, we have different body types but she eats so clean and exercises creating such a perfect balance that she can literally sing and dance a full 2 hour set night after night.

    If I have any goal for my body or my fitness, then Beyoncé is it. That stamina. That perfect tone to her muscles. Everything! Just goals.

My goal here is basically to not kill myself early on by indulging in foods that will only result in disease after disease. I wanted to make little healthy changes that I can take with me throughout the rest of my life and not just to have for this moment in time. I am making real lifestyle changes here starting with these three things, and I’m excited!

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LXI: What Are My Initial Thoughts On Gymshark?


Black Friday created the perfect time for me to shop for new workout clothes!

I have been wanting to try Gymshark for the longest. I’ve seen ad after ad about their leggings and how great they are at creating the illusion of a sculpted, or shapely body.

Now, I’m normally a Nike or Ivy Park gal but I am always down to explore when it comes to my fitness gear. You never know where you’ll find a real gem. So, let’s get into these initial thoughts:


In my opinion, the shipping didn’t take long at all. Even with completing my order on Black Friday (a high demand day), my order shipped within a couple of days and was in the mailroom before I knew it.

Because I ordered on Black Friday, my shipping was completely free, which, 😍.


The items are nicely packaged in something like a plastic protectant, and this is all placed within another Gymshark shipping sleeve (depending on the size of the package).

They definitely make it to where your items won’t be damages in transit! Overall, I think the packaging is simplistic and very cute!


So, my issue with finding the right workout pants (not so much tops) is that my thighs are the biggest part of my body (and maybe my shoulders — they’re pretty massive also).

Because my thighs are so big, I usually have to go up in sizing which means that I suffer when it comes to the waistband.

I ordered a Small because they are somewhat high-waisted and Flex material and I’ve found that I actually should have just grabbed an Extra Small (which I’m usually opposed to buying) to meet my waist needs.

Because they have such a good flex material, you can definitely afford to go a size smaller so that they don’t slide down as you work out, so my next pair will definitely be smaller.

But, when ordering their pants that aren’t flex material, I may struggle a bit with finding the right size so there will definitely be a Part Two to this post after I order their Asymmetric Leggings.


The ultimate test would have to be how they managed my sweat during and after my workout.

Now I’m usually super opposed to buying lighter colored workout pants because I sweat so much during my workouts and it shows. But these pants have this drying component to them that keeps them super dry and wicks the moisture as you sweat.

So, my sweat didn’t seep through and wasn’t stuck to me throughout my workout!

Overall, because these are a bit cheaper than Ivy Park and Nike, I think that Gymshark has a new customer in me (& they offer a student discount)!