I: Why Blog When Everything's Been Said Already?

Do you want to know what is so difficult about starting a new blog? 

Being willing to let just enough information loose to reach the audiences that you have set out to reach. Another difficulty with starting a blog is that, you literally experience a personal battle centered on whether or not people will actually read it.

This time around, I am putting my fears aside and choosing to unleash my "Creative" which is simply what I call the thing that each person has been blessed with (although everyone has a different idea of what their Creative is). Usually this thing has the power to touch people in ways that they need most. It could be a rapper that raps about things that you really relate to, a singer whose voice can calm the most hectic day, or even an iPhone photographer that can capture a moment ever so perfectly. Whatever that Creative is, if untapped, it's useless- it changes no one's life, perspective, thought process, or feelings. But if practiced, if harnessed, and if allowed to flourish, that Creative can be magical. This is mine. 

So, why blog? Because I have the mixed dreams of effecting change; challenging and encouraging others to aim higher; doing more and being more; and because I, too, have a voice that needs to be heard. The events that have created countless stories in my life are the things that I feel are the most relatable. Those are the things that I want to share, discuss and use as lessons. 

The internet is a huge whiteboard with an impeccable memory. Each person that signs on has the opportunity to tell a story in one way or another. I choose to tell mine through pictures of places and words of experiences. 

I refer to myself as a new student to the School of Blog and I hope to become valedictorian, but, most of all, I hope to connect to others with similar life experiences, similar interests, and, similarly, lots to say. I may find myself at a loss for words sometimes or there may even be days that I am unable to articulate things in a way that flows, but I am challenging myself to leave my own comfort zone and embark on this beautiful storytelling journey. 

So, welcome to my blog. I promise to keep it Breef.

Feel free to say hello!